Dead Banging aka Metalca – Japan, 2013

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Dead Banging – original title Metaruka and also known as Metalca – is a 2013 Japanese comedy horror film written and directed by Eiji Uchida (Greatful Dead). It stars Ryusuke Komakine, Shôko Nakahara, Shûgo Oshinari, Kyoko Watanabe (real-life all-girl rock band, Gacharic Spin).


Nosebleed, a formerly unpopular rock band instantly gains a cult following after the lead vocalist, Kana, recruits a zombie, Tetsuo, as their death metal vocalist, even though he is the same undead monster that killed her former band members. Meanwhile, government agents frantically search for their runaway zombie experiment…

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“There is some bloodshed here, but not too much. This is all about the comedy. And the music. Yes, I’ll admit it. One or two of the songs had me tapping my feet and smiling. The girls pretending to be rock stars may be a bit rubbish with the instruments (seriously, could they have not at least got someone who was ace at Guitar Hero?) but they make up for it with enthusiasm and energy.” Kevin Matthews, Flickfeast

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Plot keywords: all-girl rock band | bitten by a zombie | comedy | death metal | gig | head banging | heavy metal | living dead | Metallica | moshing | Nosebleed | rock music | stage diving | System of a Down | undead | zombie

2 Comments on “Dead Banging aka Metalca – Japan, 2013”

  1. Kevin Matthews, Gacharic Spin is an all-female Japanese rock band. (You must be one of those guys who gives a product a bad review when the shipping took too long)

  2. “girls pretending to be rock stars may be a bit rubbish with the instruments”?
    Seriously they are a proper rock band, and a right good one too

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