IN DARKNESS WE FALL (2014) Reviews and overview



In Darkness We Fall – original title La Cueva “The Cave” – is a 2014 Spanish found footage horror feature film co-produced and directed by Alfredo Montero from a screenplay co-written with Javier Gullón.

The movie stars Marta Castellote, Xoel Fernández, Eva García-Vacas and is being distributed by Filmax International.

Five friends have decided to set out on a vacation to the beautiful island of Formentera, where they expect to spend their days full of fun and debauchery.

On one of their outings they come across a cave set in a cliff and decided that it would be exciting to investigate it and see what they could find. However it isn’t long before the group realizes that they have lost their way, prompting them to try to find the exit instead of exploring further.

Unfortunately they are unsuccessful in their attempt and are forced to stay the night and as a result they find their sanity weakening. As the lack of food, water, and sunlight paired with the isolation from society due to a lack of cell phone reception begins to take its toll on the group, they find themselves beginning to panic and hallucinate. Eventually their survival will rely on them making certain decisions that will change them forever…



“Its characters are fairly disposable, but that’s okay; they’re archetypal stand-ins for the baseline human beings of a Western world oftentimes overly impressed with itself. And if the pacing is uneven at times—the distance between twist and turn occasionally percolating a bit too long—well, again, that is almost befitting of a story about the f*cked up nature of our species.” Shawn Macomber, Fangoria

“There is nothing massively original about In Darkness We Fall, but it is a well-sustained horror-thriller with Alfredo Montero always in control of the elements and crafting a nicely tense film with more than its share of well-structured jumps.” Mark Adams, Screen Daily


In Darkness We Fall is not a classic, but the film’s impressive, strong third act ensures it will have its fans. Warts and all, this is a quite enjoyable entry in the found-footage catalog, and I have a hunch we’ll hear more from Alfredo Montero in the future.” Ard Vijn, Twitch


The movie had its world premiere on January 25, 2014 at the International Film Festival Rotterdam.



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