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‘Was it a dream or reality… for one man on an island of terror?’

Love Goddesses of Blood Island – also known as Kiss Me Bloody and Six She’s and a He – is a 1963 cheesecake horror film executive produced and directed by Richard S. Flink [as Gordon H. Heaver]. Flink’s only other known credit is as the producer of half-man, half-jellyfish monster movie Sting of Death (1965).

The movie was scripted by William Kerwin (actor in Blood Feast; Playgirl Killer; Sometimes Aunt Martha Does Dreadful Things and co-writer of Sting of Death).

The movie stars Launa Hodges, Bill Rogers (A Taste of Blood; Flesh Feast), Carol Wintress, Dawn Meredith, Liz Burton, Laura Wood and Ingrid Albert.


Something Weird Video chanced upon a 28 minute, condensed version of Love Goddesses of Blood Island when they acquired the rights to William Grefe’s Sting of Death. They released this as a supplement on their Sting of Death + Death Curse of Tartu DVD in 2002. They subsequently managed to compile a 47 minute version that is available on DVD-R. 



“Mister Rogers’ new neighbourhood is rather odd: six crazy ladies, dressed in Roman-like togas with names like Aphrodite, Pandora, Valkarie, and… uh, Rebecca, are the only inhabitants of the island where previous male guests have been reduced to severed heads on poles. Fred is promptly taken to their “palace” (little more than a glorified swimming pool), forced to do hard labor during the day, and satisfy their carnal urges at night.

The girls also like to wear bikinis and dance around as a lounge singer belts out the title tune on the soundtrack: “Loooooooooove goddess! When our hearts meet the way they do, I’m helpless and breathless with passion! I must have your love though the danger’s there, for when I’m in your arms I no longer care!”

Exploitation highlight: Miss Rebecca zealously kills a screaming Nazi soldier in flashback by stabbing him in the stomach and removing his guts, before cutting out his heart and severing his head with her bare hands. What a gal.


Nearing the same fate, Fred is eventually tied to a pole and jabbed bloody by spears: “The girls were wild with an ungodly kind of exaltation. Every scream and groan that issued from my mouth seemed to excite them more!”

While they’re in a trance, he rather casually escapes with a blonde named Desiree (Dawn Meredith) who bashes Aphrodite’s head with a bloody sponge before Fred spears Rebecca, forcing her to fall face first onto her machete….”


Love Goddesses is a tiny treasure of unknown, sun-baked trash. It’s a quick blast of buoyant scenery, hidden sex, z-rate Exotica, tongue in cheek nonsense, and stop-ya-in-yer-tracks gore. It’s also a surreal refuge from everyday stresses, an island artifact of nickel and dime proportions that aims to shock, humor, and constantly baffle.” Bleeding Skull!

“Hey, bikini-clad glamazons, godawful lounge music, lumpy choreography, and gore. What’s not to love?” Frank Henenlotter (director of Brain Damage; Basket Case), Something Weird Video

“Yes, it’s terrible, nonsensical and mostly tedious, but it’s also completely and utterly insane. From the loony clarinet-driven space-age bachelor-pad ditties blaring away on the soundtrack, to the seriously awkward bikini dances and the actually-sorta-shocking lashes of proto-splatter, at times Love Goddesses seems like it was somehow beamed in from another planet…” MAGpedia

six shes and a he aka love goddesses of blood island

kiss me bloody aka love goddesses of blood island



blood feast + 2000 maniacs + kiss me bloody + color me blood red

We are very grateful to Temple of Schlock for unearthing info on the film’s Kiss Me Bloody alternate title and the ad mats above.

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