TAKUT: FACES OF FEAR (2008) Reviews and overview

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Takut: Faces of Fear is a 2008 Indonesian anthology horror feature film with episodes directed by Rako Prijanto, Riri Riza, Ray Nayoan, Robby Ertanto, Radithya Sidharta, and The Mo Brothers (DreadOutMacabre, an expanded version of their short Dara which is included here).

The movie stars Fauzi Baadila, Eva Celia Latjuba, Shareefa Daanish and Mike Muliadro.


Brian Yuzna was one of the producers, having set up a production company in Jakarta, Indonesia called Komodo Films

Show Unit: A man investigates an intruder in his house only to become the victim of a deadly game of extortion and murder.

Titisan Naya: During her family’s traditional sacred dagger cleansing-ritual a sceptical teenager discovers that her ancestors are not just a faded memory.

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Peeper: A voyeuristic man gets his comeuppance in the backstage of a Wayang Orang dance theatre.

The List: A scorned woman engages a ‘dukun’ to use black magic to satisfy her appetites for revenge, in a short that features special effects by Orloando Bassi and Aghi Narottama’s music that is a homage to Indonesian 1980’s exploitation cinema.

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The Rescue: A fast-paced chase through an apocalyptic Jakarta inhabited by ‘sub-humans’. A patrol of mobile brigadier Gegana Special Forces must lead civilian survivors to safety before they are all infected.

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Dara: One woman. Three men. Let the feast begin… A story about haute cuisine and the lengths which a beautiful chef will go to in order to satisfy her customers.


“Normally I cringe at directors with cheesy DJ nicknames, but here “The Mo Brothers” (Kimo Stamboel and Timothy Tjahjanto) pull off one of the best short films I’ve seen in ages, titled Dara. Daanish completely steals this film with a wonderfully creepy china-doll performance that puts similar efforts to shame. This 26 minute short has been playing festivals, so if you have a chance to see it, don’t even worry about the other shorts in Takut.” Video Junkie

“Not perfect, but a good and almost poetic collection of short films. I liked it. A lot.  Fred Anderson Ex-Ninja

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