FEED THE GODS (2014) Overview


Feed the Gods

Feed the Gods is a 2014 American comedy horror feature film written and directed by Braden Croft (Hemorrhage) for Random Bench Productions.

The movie stars Erica Carroll (Carmilla, the Lesbian VampireSpooksville; R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour), Shawn Roberts (Diary of the DeadA Little Bit ZombieResident Evil), Tyler Johnston (OgreR.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour), Emily Tennant (Zombie Punch; Poe: Last Days of the Raven), Britt Irvin (Supernatural), Garry Chalk (The Fly IILeprechaun: OriginsGodzilla).


After the death of their foster mother, brothers Will and Kris inherit a box that offers clues about their long-lost parents. Their quest leads them to the creepy town of Tendale, which is home to a mythical Bigfoot-like creature with “a taste for tourists.” Soon the town’s insidious past emerges, and the boys find exactly what they’re looking for…

In the USA, the film was released by XLrator Media on VOD on November 25, 2014 and DVD on January 27, 2015.


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