SATURDAY THE 14TH STRIKES BACK (1988) Reviews and overview

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‘One Hell of a party!’

Saturday the 14th Strikes Back is a 1988 comedy horror feature film, written and directed by Howard R. Cohen and produced by Julie Corman. It is a sequel to the 1981 film Saturday the 14th.

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The Concorde production stars Ray Walston (Galaxy of Terror; Blood Salvage), Avery Schreiber (Dracula: Dead and Loving It), Patty McCormack (The Bad Seed; Crowhaven Farm; Silent Predators), Jason Presson, Julianne McNamara, Rhonda Aldrich, Daniel Will-Harris, Pamela Stonebrook, Joseph Ruskin. Horror icon Michael Berryman (The Hills Have EyesThe Devil’s RejectsSelf Storage) has a minor role as a mummy.


Eddie and his family have just inherited a spooky wreck of a house. What they do not know about the house is that it was built over an evil passageway, but they are soon to discover the wacky evil it releases…



A cynical Corman couple’s attempt to cash-in on the surprising video rental success of their already feeble 1981 comedy horror. Thematically, this is a throw-it-all-at-the-screen affair from Herman R. Cohen (who’d previously given the world Vampire Hookers, the original Saturday the 14th and Deathstalker).

The self-reflective ending, i.e. excuse to re-use old footage, includes apocalyptic footage from previous Corman acquisitions and productions, including a bizarre one second shot of Johnny Ramone’s lower half and guitar from Rock ‘n’ Rock High School! Unless you are in a very charitable mood, or a die-hard Michael Berryman fan who must see his every appearance, avoid this.

Adrian J Smith, MOVIES and MANIA

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Other reviews:

“The film isn’t completely terrible though. There’s some cool looking puppets as well as entertaining stop motion throughout. There’s something moderately charming about the fact that the film never takes a second to stop. It’s one bad gag and bad joke after another. While the film doesn’t hold the same level of “so bad it’s good” praise that a Troll 2 or Plan 9 will receive it’s probably the only film where you get to see a werewolf spy on an Olympic gold medalist in the shower.” Geekscape

” … few films are as entertaining as watching this movie try to be clever and fail. It’s simply that earnest and determined, and pity makes belly laughs deeper. Like a kid in socks trying to turn a corner on linoleum, like a drunken man hitting on a waitress, there is humor in watching repeated clumsy failure. For this, Saturday the 14th Strikes Back should be saluted.” Slasher Studios

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“… not an improvement on the original but another series of weak gags … Neither a quintet of sexy young women nor footage lifted from Corman action films can save this fluff, and a good cast is wasted.” John Stanley, Creature Features

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” … one of the most insane genre-related movies I think I’ve ever seen. If you’ve never experienced it for yourself, ST14SB basically makes Troll 2 look Oscar-worthy in comparison and yet, it’s really hard for me as a fan to hate on ST14SB because despite its numerous (and boy do I mean numerous flaws), you can tell it’s a movie with a horror-loving heart beating deep beneath its wacky surface and that’s something I can always appreciate as a fan.” The Misadventures of the Horror Chick

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Cast and characters:

Ray Walston … Gramps Baxter
Avery Schreiber … Frank Baxter
Patty McCormack … Kate Baxter
Jason Presson … Eddie Baxter
Julianne McNamara … Linda Baxter
Rhonda Aldrich … Alice
Daniel Will-Harris … Bert
Pamela Stonebrook … Charlene
Joseph Ruskin … Kharis
Riad … Takatiri
Phil Leeds … Leonard
Leo Gordon … The Evil One (as Leo V. Gordon)
Tommy Rall … The Werewolf
Michael Berryman … The Mummy
David Workman … The Plumber (as Dave Workman)
Michael Lopez … Joey (as Michael Rich)
Christopher Franklin … Gregor
Peter Frankland … Burke
Tau Logo … Genghis Khan
Damon Roberts … Lord Fenley
Dorissa Curry … The Vampirettes
Kathryn O’Reilly … The Vampirettes
Victoria Morsell … The Vampirettes
Martha Mackenzie … Miss Flynn (as Martha MacKenzie)
Jeff Winkless … John Wilkes Booth
Lauren Peterson … Lizzie Borden
Linda Daniel … Vampirette Waitress
John H. Mayer … TV Anchorman (as John Mayer)
Meg Thayer … TV Reporter
Jeanie Moore … Soap Opera Woman
Bob Snead … Soap Opera Man
Julie Araskog … Sportscaster (as Julie Kay Araskog)
Rudolph Reinhardt … German Sailor
Howard R. Cohen … Mr Bleckner
Riad Galayini … Takatiri
Michael Joiner … Party guy
David Lady … The Bat Demon (uncredited)

Filming locations:

Venice, California

Technical details:

Aspect ratio: 1.85:1
Audio: Stereo

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