‘Pink Plasma’ – Episode of The Pink Panther and Friends


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‘Pink Plasma’ is a six minute 1975 animated episode of The Pink Panther and Friends directed by Art Leonardi from a story by John W. Dunn. It was produced by Mirisch Films and DePatie-Freleng Enterprises.

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Plot teaser:

On vacation in Transylvania, The Pink Panther stops to spend a night at what he believes to be a traveller’s lodge. However, it is in reality a vampire’s spooky castle. He encounters a knife-throwing arm, an invisible monster, a cantankerous spider and ghostly bedsheets. Assuming a coffin to be that of a dead man, the Pink Panther buries it, watched by an audience of bemused rats and a lizard.

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Come dusk, amidst ominous rumbling, the enraged vampire (The Little Man) emerges. The Pink Panther utilises bug spray to repel the vampire, who has adopted bat form, and when it splutters out of the castle window, a shark is waiting in the moat (this being 1975 when Jaws fever was at its height).


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This occurs a couple of times more before a big chase and sunrise which causes vampire, shark, monster, and the castle to vanish…

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