Grace: The Possession – Canada, USA, 2014 – overview and reviews


‘Innocence ends in blood’

Grace: The Possession – aka Grace – is a 2014 American/Canadian supernatural horror feature film directed by Jeff Chan from a screenplay co-written with Chris Pare. It stars Alexia Fast, Lin Shaye (Insidious: Chapter 2), and Alan Dale.

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Grace is a naive, attractive, virginal college student trying to deal with campus culture and her outgoing new roommate.

But when a terror takes over her body and unleashes chaos, Grace returns to the cold clutches of her severe grandmother and the strict rules of the church.

Haunted by the horrific death of her mother and deeply ingrained, destructive urges, she must stop the demon inside before it’s too late…


Grace: The Possession is unusual in that for most of its running time it plays is shot from the perspective of the possessing entity inside Grace.

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“The content may be too routine to impress, but delivery makes up the difference. While the first-person POV is a gimmick, it is one that makes Grace: The Possession unfold in a memorable manner. This is how creative filmmakers mold meh material into a movie that audiences will talk about after, regardless of how they may have felt about the film itself.” Culture Crypt


“So it’s a pretty mixed bag, really – at times I found myself nodding in appreciation of an inventive shot or the occasional disturbing scene (there are a couple of these that work surprisingly well), and at times I found myself groaning at some dodgy acting and writing, but I actually kind of enjoyed Grace.” Brutal as Hell

“The climax is usual possession film fodder.  It’s all been done before, and far better […] The bottom line is that the first person camera-work failed miserably, was distracting, but not enough so that we couldn’t see the frailty of the story, the failure of the script and the generally poor performances throughout.” Michael Klug, Horrorfreak News


” …Grace: The Possession does have the distinction of having a bit of effort behind it – in certain areas, at least – and in this day and age of production line supernatural horror movies that’s enough to make it stand out, although maybe not as much as the filmmakers would probably like.” Flickering Myth

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