EXCESS FLESH (2015) Reviews and overview

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Excess Flesh is a 2015 American horror film directed by Patrick Kennelly from a screenplay co-written with Sigrid Gilmer. The movie stars Bethany Orr and Mary Loveless as antagonistic roommates who share an obsession with food.

The film premiered at the South by Southwest festival on March 13, 2015.



Los Angeles: Jealous of her thin roommate Jennifer, the average-sized Jill binges and purges in an attempt to maintain her weight. Their relationship becomes even more strained as Jennifer mocks Jill’s issues. Overcome with hatred, Jill lashes out at her roommate and chains Jennifer to the wall, where she taunts her with food…


” … stylish on a low budget, boasting a synth score from Jonathan Snipes (Room 237Starry Eyes) and slick, slo-mo visual palette, which he then stuffs with graphic eating, and sadistic and self-destructive behavior. This is a film as informed by the veneer of Los Angeles as it is sickened by it; a layer cake of aggression, shame and madness. It’s pretty exhilarating.” Shock Till You Drop

“>”Excess Flesh isn’t a pleasant watch. Whether Jill’s shoveling Pop-Tarts down her throat or slow-motion chewing something else, it’s awkward and upsetting. That could and should have worked to the film’s benefit, but director and co-writer Patrick Kennelly shoots himself in the foot by revealing too much too soon.” Collider


“It all starts emphatically enough, with Jennifer and Jill fantasizing about their favorite fat-loaded foods, but … confusion and complacency take over … besides the obvious comparison of “gorgeous” versus “average,” the conversation quickly turns into a belligerent hammering of the same themes over and over again…” We Got This Covered

“A body image nightmare that’s hard to watch for all the wrong reasons, Excess Flesh is a gluttonous mix of noxious characters, gross-out body horror and obvious narrative Indian burns. With all the sophistication of Easy Mac, Kennelly’s picture is painted in slobbish strokes, managing a surface level mockery of a serious issue with little to no intrigue.” Silver Screen Riot


“While Excess Flesh may not necessarily be a wholly successful effort from Kennelly, the film does have several strong aspects to it. The performances from both Orr and Loveless are dynamic and powerful, each giving their respective roles a feeling of raw ferocity that was rather remarkable.” Daily Dead


Bethany Orr as Jill
Mary Loveless as Jennifer
Wes McGee as Rob
Sheresade Poblet as Cathy
Jill Jacobson as Beverly
Dana L. Wilson as Becky
Kristin Minter as Nina
Robert Maffia as Officer Jimmy
Jules Bruff as Office Marie
Juan Riedinger as Sebastian


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