BLOODY DOLL (2014) Creepy Chinese horror



Bloody Doll is a 2014 Chinese supernatural horror feature film directed by Teruyoshi Ishii. The movie stars Jiro Wang, Zhou Qiqi, Don Li, Jiang Jing and Shen Xinong. Also known as Bloody Doll 3D and original title: 怨灵人偶


Bank employee Gao Yifeng (Jiro Wang) attends his university’s reunion party and there reconnects with his former lover, Lin Xi (Cica Zhou). The couple who was once the envy of all their friends, choose separate paths after graduation with Lin Xi choosing to marry a rich man rather than Gao Yifeng, a bank employee.

While at the reunion, Gao Yifeng and Lin Xi find themselves accidentally locked in a secret chamber, unleashing a string of horrifying consequences…


Bloody Doll was released on December 31, 2014. By January 7, 2015, it had earned ¥21.35 million ($3,343,512) at the Chinese box office.