Love Brides of the Blood Mummy – Spain | France, 1973

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‘He needed her body and her blood to live!’

Love Brides of the Blood Mummy – original title: El secreto de la momia egipcia – is a 1973 Spanish/French horror film directed by Alejandro Martí from a screenplay by Vincent Didier and Julio Salvador (Hannah, Queen of the Vampires).

In the UK, it was released as Lips of Blood (not to be confused with Jean Rollin’s film of the same name).


George Rigaud, Michael Flynn, Catherine Franck, Frank Braña, Patricia Lee, Sandra Reeves, Julie Presscott, Jacques Bernard, Martin Trévières, Teresa Gimpera.



James Barton (Frank Braña), an Egyptologist, travels to Dartmoor Castle because there is a rumour that the Count (Jorge George Rigaud) has a collection of mummies. There are also rumours that a number of young women have gone missing in the area. When he comes across the Count he is shocked to find him whipping a mummified hand he has nailed to the wall…

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” … this Spanish/ French adventure is not without its own quirky charms. There is some fondling and the occasional flash of flesh. There are a lot of scenes involving the butler chasing women around. The mummy stares at people a lot. And there is some odd use made of irising in and out of scenes.” Bleeding Skull!


“Aside from any nudity found in the uncut version, the only other thing this has going for it is the shooting locations. It was filmed during the Autumn and the outdoor scenery is lovely. There are lots of colorful trees, fields of tall wheat blowing in the wind and some nice shots along the ocean. The director, who seems obsessed with both shooting reflections of people in water and horse riding, has a nice eye for landscapes. Too bad the rest of this sucks.” The Bloody Pit of Horror

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“Unfortunately this is one of the dullest pieces of Euro-Horror I have sat through in recent memory. Most of the film is a boring series of repetitive scenes of a kind of hypnotized servant going out to drag female victims back to the castle dungeon for the ‘mummy’ to molest and drain of blood.” Pit of Rod


“Unfortunately it is pretty darn boring as well, the pacing is plodding and we don’t really get any characterisation to draw us in.” Taliesen Meets the Vampires

“For an exploitation picture, it feels eerily serious with its strong and creative score, moody with piano and percussion. Pacing is slow, yet something is always happening on screen. I loved the chase through the tall grass … it’s a good weird atmospheric exploitation picture that fans should seek out…” David Elroy Goldweber, Claws & Saucers

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El secreto de la momia egipcia

Love Brides Of The Blood Mummy 3

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Also released as:

Le sang des autres (France)
Les chemins de la violence (France

Image thanks: The Bloody Pit of Horror | Mark WilliamsTaliesen Meets the Vampires | Wrong Side of the Art!


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