ALL THE COLOURS OF THE DARK (1972) Reviews and overview

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All the Colours of the Dark is a 1972 Italian-Spanish giallo horror thriller film directed by Sergio Martino (Mountain of the Cannibal God; The Great Alligator; Torso) from a screenplay written by Ernesto Gastaldi and Sauro Scavolini, based on a storyline by Santiago Moncada (although Gastaldi has disputed this). The movie stars George Hilton, Edwige Fenech, Ivan Rassimov and Julian Ugarte.

Tutti i colori del buio (Italian title) aka Todos los colores de la oscuridad (Spanish title) has also been released as All the Colors of the DarkThey’re Coming to Get You, Day of the Maniac and Demons of Dead (US Independent International titles).

The film’s soundtrack score was composed by Bruno Nicolai.

Severin Films has announced that they are releasing the movie on Blu-ray utilising a 4K scan from the original negative as part of their Black Friday promotion later this month . They said: “We’ll be announcing a companion release to this title, plus info on a limited edition dual slipcase, this coming Monday, Nov 12th.”


Jane (Edwige Fenech) lives in Putney, London, with Richard (George Hilton), her boyfriend. When she was five, Jane’s mother was murdered, and she recently lost a baby in a car crash. She’s plagued by nightmares of a knife-wielding, blue-eyed man and soon finds herself stalked by him too.

Richard, a pharmaceutical salesman, thinks the cure is vitamins; Jane’s sister Barbara, who works for a psychiatrist, recommends analysis; Mary, a neighbour whom Jane meets, promises that if she participates in a Black Mass, all her fears will disappear…


“The visuals are strong and the break from the genre conventions of masked killers, gloved hands and inept police make watching this film a real joy. From beginning to end, it makes you question not only the reality that it presents but the objective trustworthiness of our heroine. And while it betrays an obvious inspiration to the aforementioned Rosemary’s Baby, it is not slavish in its devotion, making a powerful statement on its own merit.” B & S About Movies

Colors strays somewhat from reality for its entirety, hallucinations or not. This, coupled with sharp and exquisite cinematography from Miguel Fernandez Mila and Giancarlo Ferrando, gives the film a flu-fogged phantasmagoria that puts the viewer ill at ease. The performances are quite good as well, with Fenech standing out due to her ethereal beauty, yes, but also vulnerability necessary to sell the role.” Daily Dead

“From the get-go, with a quietly terrifying fade to black view of an isolated river cutting to a disorienting nightmare which makes not one lick of sense, the viewer is made to feel just as unsure of their sanity as the heroine! The film does a superb job of identifying with Jane, throwing her into a whirlwind of horrific imagery which she doesn’t understand.” DVD Drive-In

” …a very head-trippy, surreal and unique giallo flick (given its occult theme, not normally explored within the genre) that unfortunately is a little slow at times (something that is normally associated with the genre). The movie lacks much of the intrigue and plot twists that Martino displays in his better films…” Feo Amante

” …melds a Hitchcockian woman-in-peril/murder mystery plot with trippy, supernatural frills. Both aspects yield their own strengths. The devil-worshipping horror stuff provides some unsettling imagery (particularly those skin-crawling hallucinations) presented in sumptuous scope photography, while Martino ratchets up the tension throughout the mystery angle, as the story takes some satisfyingly twisted turns.” The Spinning Image

“Special note must be made of Martino’s stylish and fluid direction. The use of stately locations in England helps to give the film an appropriately chilly quality, while the expert framing and use of colour ensures that the film looks good from beginning to end.” Troy Howarth, So Deadly, So Perverse

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” …while this doesn’t play as sleazily as many of its counterparts, it’s still pulsing with sexuality. Likewise, the violence isn’t as gratuitous or elaborate as what you’ll find in a giallo, but there’s certainly a mean, grisliness to the film, particularly with the Satanic stuff. Transcending the clunkiness is a bit hard–even some of the surrounding performances are often as mechanical as a plot… Oh, the Horror!

” …All the Colours of the Dark is so chic it hurts. Great locations, awesome soundtrack, yeah, yeah, there could have been more gore, but Sergio Martino makes stalking seem cool again; not that it ever went out of fashion. A gorgeous leading lady and an effective villain make this Italian giallo worth a look-see.” House of Self-Indulgence

“Of these films Tutti i colori del buio is arguably the most alluring, containing as it does a crazed agglomeration of psychedelic effects to illustrate Fenech’s mounting paranoia […] Martino comes up with such arresting tableaux as an elderly couple frozen in death over their breakfast newspapers.” Jonathan Rigby, Euro Gothic: Classics of Continental Horror Cinema

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Despite the requisite wooden acting and baffling plot-holes […] All the Colors of the Dark is an enjoyable piece of hokum that should please fans both of the Giallo format and of supernatural horror. Packed with style, suspense and beautiful women, this Euro shocker is not to be missed.” The Digital Fix

“Beautifully crafted thriller with dreamlike imagery and style to spare; Fenech delivers as the insecure, disoriented heroine.” The Terror Trap

Choice dialogue:

Jane: “These dreams I have are like horror stories.”

Richard to Barbara: “Beauty should be shown. Why hide yours under all this clothing?”

Richard to Barbara: “You must be the most unforgiving bitch in the world.”


In the USA, Severin Films released the film on January 29, 2019 – order via – with the following special features:

They’re Coming To Get You – Alternate US cut (88 mins.).
Color My Nightmare – Interview with Director Sergio Martino.
Last of The Mohicans – Interview with screenwriter Ernesto Gastaldi.
Giallo is the Color – Interviews with actor George Hilton and Italian horror expert Antonio Tentori.
Audio Commentary with Kat Ellinger, author of All the Colors of Sergio Martino.

In the UK, the film was released on Blu-ray and DVD by Shameless on 12 June 2017.


Previously released on DVD in North America on October 12th 2004 by Shriek Show.

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Cast and characters:

  • George Hilton … Richard
  • Edwige Fenech … Jane Harrison
  • Ivan Rassimov … Mark Cogan
  • Julian Ugarte … J.P. McBrian
  • George Rigaud … Doctor Burton
  • Maria Cumani Quasimodo … Elderly Neighbour
  • Susan Scott [Nieves Navarro] … Barbara Harrison
  • Marina Malfatti … Mary Weil
  • Alan Collins … Lawyer Franciscus Clay
  • Dominique Boschero … Jane’s Mother
  • Renato Chiantoni … Mr. Main
  • Tom Felleghy … Inspector Smith
  • Lisa Leonardi … Girl with dog

Filming locations:

Aldwych Underground station, London (platform)
Bishop’s Park, Putney, London
Holland Park Underground station, London (entrance)
Kenilworth Court, Lower Richmond Road, Putney, London, England
Wykehurst Park House, East Sussex (also in Demons of the Mind and The Legend of Hell House)

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Technical credits:

  • 94 minutes
  • Aspect ratio: 2.35: 1


Image credits: CineMaterial.comHouse of Self-Indulgence | Multiglom | VHS Collector

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