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‘This beach is killer’

The Sand is a 2015 American science fiction horror film directed by Isaac Gabaeff from a screenplay co-written by Alex Greenfield and Ben Powell (Satanic). The movie stars Brooke Butler, Jamie Kennedy and Mitchel Musso.


Spring Break: A group of friends are having a party at the beach. While one of the friends Heather (Etalvia Cashin) is filming the event, two of the boys, named Vance (Hector David Jr.) and Gilbert (Cleo Berry), find a giant ball covered in a strange gooey substance.

The next morning, the rest of the teenagers, including Heather, are nowhere to be found, just a bunch of empty sleeping bags left in their place…

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” …director Isaac Gabaeff … decides to move away from the small but effective and give us a Big Monster. Except that the money spent on attempting this wouldn’t pay for a Pizza Hut meal, and is so cartoonish it makes The Flintstones look like cinéma vérité.” Anything Horror

” … there are some issues with the effects, especially during a couple of the bigger, and gorier, death scenes; but it’s testament to The Sand‘s production that the low-budget nature of the effects don’t detract too much from the overall experience…” Nerdly

” … full of padding, a hammered in love triangle and rather unfunny jokes. Issac Gabaeff does the best with what he has, but The Sand ultimately fails at a script level.” Flickering Myth

“The characters are pretty two dimensional and there’s an awkwardness around the final girl, her love interest/ex-boyfriend, and his current girlfriend that just made me cringe. The monster effects are decent, they look good, but they don’t seem entirely integrated into the scene and come off a little cheap looking.” UK Horror Scene

Choice dialogue:

Cop: “Oh my God, is that pus? Nothing more disgusting than pus!”

Cast and characters: 

Brooke Butler … Kaylee
Cleo Berry … Gilbert
Cynthia Murell … Ronnie
Dean Geyer … Jonah
Meagan Holder … Chanda
Mitchel Musso … Mitch
Hector David Jr. … Vance
Nikki Leigh … Marsha
Bryan Billy Boone … Julian (as Bryan Boone)
Jamie Kennedy … Beach Patrol Alex
Adam Powell … Surfer
Etalvia Cashin … Heather (uncredited)
Jennifer Churchich … Girlfriend (uncredited)
Michael Huntsman … Boyfriend (uncredited)
Lauren Moyer … Girl on the beach (uncredited)
David Jason Perez … Mohawk Hipster (uncredited)

Technical details:

84 minutes
Aspect ratio: 2.35: 1
Audio: Dolby Digital


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