Sheborg Massacre aka Sheborg – Australia, 2015 – overview and reviews



‘The chaos is near’

Sheborg Massacre – aka Sheborg – is a 2015 Australian science fiction feature film written, co-produced, edited and directed by Daniel Armstrong (Murderdrome).


Director Daniel Armstrong has described his film thus: “Neo-pulp lovingly embraces the most extreme, cliche, and supercilious elements of pop culture and pulp literature and puts them in a human context.


Sheborg Massacre itself is a 50s teen rebel flick set in a B grade sci-fi world from the early 80s, with horror style violence. It’s not a spoof, it’s not horror, it’s not action, it’s not sci-fi, it’s not drama. It’s all of these things. It’s neo-pulp.”

Self-styled tough-girl and punk activist Dylan loves fighting for a cause… literally any cause will do (much to the chagrin of her friend Eddie).

When an alien fugitive crash lands into a local puppy farm and begins turning people into machines that feed on puppy flesh, Dylan has to decide if she believes in any cause enough to risk her life, take on the Sheborg menace, and save the world…

Sheborg will be available in the United States on DVD in November followed by a digital release shortly thereafter via Wild Eye Releasing.


Cast and characters:

  • Daisy Masterman … Eddie
  • Whitney Duff … Dylan
  • Hellfire … Sam
  • Louise Monnington … Velma
  • Mark Entwistle … Rik
  • Sean McIntyre … Jack Whiteman
  • KidCrusher … Traal
  • Danae Swinburne … Ultra Traal
  • Gerry Mahoney … The Vet
  • Laura Soall … Lois
  • Dayna Seville … Cop
  • Maggie Chretien … The Receptionist
  • Kristin Condon … Constable Nobody Cares
  • Brenton Foale … Jo Public
  • Sarah Howett … Minion
  • Benjamin Hall … The Gardener
  • Jasy Holt … Al