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‘Demons long locked on the depths of the mind come out to destroy the weak and the believing!’

Point of Terror is a 1971 American psycho thriller directed by actor Alex Nicol (The Screaming Skull; The Night God ScreamedAPE) from a screenplay by Tony Crechales and Ernest A. Charles, based on a story by Chris Marconi and producer and star Peter Carpenter.

It was distributed in the US by exploitation specialists Crown International.

On January 31, 2017, Vinegar Syndrome release the film on Blu-ray on a double-bill with Blood Mania


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Vinegar Syndrome proudly brings both of these jaw-dropping classics to Blu-ray, newly restored from their original negatives and featuring their much sought after alternative TV versions (exclusive to this first pressing of 3,000 units). Bonus Features:

  • Bonus DVD featuring alternate TV versions for both films! (Limited to 3,000 units)
  • Region free 3-disc Blu-ray and DVD combo pack
  • Both films scanned and restored in 2k from 35mm camera negative
  • Commentary track on Blood Mania with Robert Vincent O’Neill (Director), Leslie Simms (Actress) and Vicki Peters (Actress)
  • Video interview and introduction with director Robert Vincent O’Neill
  • Video interview with actress Leslie Simms
  • Theatrical trailers for both films
  • TV spots for both films
  • Promotional galleries for both films
  • Reverse cover artwork
  • English SDH Subtitles


Point of Terror (1971)

Main cast:

Peter Carpenter (Blood Mania), Dyanne Thorne (Blood SabbathIlsa, She-Wolf of the SS; House of the Witchdoctor), Lory Hansen, Leslie Simms, Joel Marston, Paula Mitchell, Dana Diamond, Al Dunlap, Ernest A. Charles, Roberta Robson, Tony Kent.

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“Rampant fashion violations, loud musical numbers, obscene checkered furniture, violent dream sequences, ratty wigs, equal opportunity nudity, saturated primary color lighting years before Suspiria, and reams of purple, sex-obsessed dialogue will keep even the most seasoned trash fanatic giddy with disbelief.” Mondo Digital

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“Playing a lounge singer at a seaside dump called the Lobster House, the often shirtless [Peter] Carpenter manages a decent approximation of Tom Jones’s sweaty charisma in this lurid neo-noir that rips off The Postman Always Rings Twice and half a dozen of its contemporaries.” World Cinema Paradise

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“It’s more or less a slice of melodramatic sleaze and at the same time very much a vanity piece for Carpenter, whose struggling recording artist/stud character beds three very beautiful women during the course of the film’s soap opera-inspired shenanigans. The players drink too much, commit adultery and deceitfully murder…” DVD Drive-In

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” … it’s a pretty dry melodrama whose various twists and turns aren’t very effective, especially the film’s final reveal, which is eye-rollingly bad and groan-inducing, to say the least. Director Nicol throws in some stylistic flourishes here and there in an attempt to make things look interesting, and he sometimes succeeds on that level.” Oh, the Horror!



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Choice dialogue:

“Who’s your decorator, Bela Lugosi?”

“Martin, I have a headache THIS big, with your name on it!”

“I didn’t even know I drank until one night I came home sober.”

“If she has one more drink, Tony, she’ll start stripping. I know she’s done it before.”

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