Asesinos de Otros Mundos – “Killers from Other Worlds”, Mexico, 1971 – overview

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Asesinos de Otros Mundos aka Santo Contra Los Asesinos de Otros Mundos is a 1971 Mexican action sci-fi horror film directed by Rubén Galindo (Santo vs. the She-Wolves). The title translates as “Killers from Other Worlds”.


Santo, Juan Gallardo, Sasha Montenegro, Carlos Agosti, Marco Antonio Campos, Carlos Suarez.



Four horrifying murders – in which the victims are smothered to death by a shape-shifting blob – compel the authorities to seek help from the only person capable of stopping the homicidal rampage: Santo!

The culprit is the evil Malkosh, an old enemy of justice, who demands an enormous ransom to end the bloodshed. His secret weapon is a hair-raising blob creature that is capable of swallowing a man whole. Doctor Bernstein is the only one able to defeat it, but he has been abducted, along with his daughter, by Boris Licur, an even more dastardly criminal.


“The Man with the Silver Mask” has little time to lose before he can prevent this madman from getting control of the monster—and the world!

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 00.26.14


“Think of The Creeping Terror. Now think of The Creeping Terror, but with a masked wrestler beating up bad guys added to it. See? It’s a clear case of the perfect made perfect-er.” Die, Danger, Die, Die, Kill!


“This entry in the long running Santo series is one of the cheapest looking of the lot. Working from the flimsiest of scripts, it makes absolutely no sense in its mixture of monsters and the Mob … Endearingly awful, the bargain bin blob beast save the day, usurping the star power of the Silver masked Saint.” Cool Ass Cinema

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“This is not really a bad film, except for its notorious “monster,” which literally appears to be 3-4 guys underneath a greasy tarpaulin. Fans of Monty Python‘s Flying Circus might remember the “Giant Blancmange from Outer Space” episode and the film The Creeping Terror, but both of these have great monsters compared to Asesinos … The production values–aside from the blob–aren’t too bad, but everything is overshadowed by the goofy monster.” D. Walt, University of Maryland





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