SURVIVAL KNIFE (2016) Overview



‘Victim. Survivor, Avenger.’

Survival Knife is a 2016 American horror revenge slasher feature film directed by Mike McKown (Stiff; Boxed; 60 Seconds to Die; Grindsploitation 2: The Lost Reels) from a screenplay by Jim Towns (House of Bad; Snowfall; 13 Girls) for Robot Monkey Studios.

Danielle Donahue Survival Knife 2016

Main cast:

Danielle Donahue (Amityville Death HouseQueen Crab; Bigfoot vs. Zombies), Tara Davis (Alexis), Josh Ebel (Boxed), Chrissy Jenness, Melody Joy, Tom Kolos, Jesse-Lee Lafferty, Bruce Lentz, Dawn Lilly, Kaitlyn Shoeb, Candice Starks.Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 08.17.07


Penny is the sole survivor of a vicious attack that killed five of her closest friends. To escape, she was forced to brutally kill her would-be murderer.

As she begins the slow process of recovering both physically and mentally, she struggles to deal with the violence that happened to her – and the violence she committed herself – and worries that the same killer instinct that helped her survive is slowly turning her into something else…


Filming locations:

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania