KNUCKLEBONES (2016) Reviews and overview



‘Roll the bones and say his name you’ll wish you didn’t play the game’

Knucklebones is a 2016 supernatural American horror film written and directed by Mitch Wilson, making his feature film debut.

The movie stars Julin, Katie Bosacki and Justin Arnold.


Plot synopsis:
After suffering a near-death experience, Neesa Avery has literally been to Hell and back. When she and a group of friends discover an ancient dice game hidden behind a wall in an abandoned WWII factory, they unleash the powerful demon Knucklebones.


As they attempt to finish the “game,” it becomes clear Knucklebones has special plans for Neesa and, having met her briefly in Hell, is saving her for last…

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” … by-the-book behavior on both sides of the lens is what Knucklebones wants, qualifying it concurrently as a failure for avoiding any attempt at mold-breaking and a success for perfectly employing cookie-cutter conventions.” Culture Crypt

“The characters are dreadful, the acting is abhorrent and the plot is non-existent … However, in a sea of directors trying to recreate the magic of VHS rental nostalgia slashers and failing – look at dross like Drive-Thru or SmileyKnucklebones and Mitch Wilson have set a new benchmark.” Flickering Myth

“Camp, ever so slightly crass, and the perfect partner to the slasher film drinking game (it’s online), Knucklebones will never be a classic but is certainly a future guilty pleasure.” The Hollywood News

“Director Mitch Wilson may be a newcomer, however his knack for what fans want is exceptional in the case of this film. Knucklebones is awesomely macabre and hilarious all rolled into one making for one of the better monster films for 2016. I came into this one not expecting much and was completely flipped around.” Horror News

“If you are a fan of low story, high gore horror, and you have an open mind you might enjoy it. If you want to see something inventive, new, and interesting it’s best that you head elsewhere.” Love Horror

“The dialogue is often funny (“What’s that smell?” / “The 70’s!”) and the movie hits all the required beats (atmospheric setting, gratuitous nudity), but best of all are the marvellous old-school gore FX, executed with a rare pizzazz.” Horror Screams Video Vault

“If this is as thinly-characterised, broadly-played and randomly illogical as the films it homages, then that was probably the point. The finale and coda are thought-through and satisfying, giving Julin a chance to go to extremes. It’s just a fun, silly, disreputable ride which I enjoyed more than some other recent ’80s homages.” The Kim Newman Web Site

” …it has multiple death-by-sodomy scenes that are unique in their own ways. This film is the pure definition of a campy slasher flick. Kudos to writer and director Mitch Wilson, he sure does know how to have some fun!” Modern Horrors

Knucklebones was released on DVD in the UK on 31 July 2017 by High Fliers Films.

Cast and characters:
Julin … Neesa Avery (as Julin Jean)
Tom Zembrod … Knucklebones / Lead Nazi Scientist
Katie Bosacki … Samantha
Cameron Deane Stewart … Adam (as Cameron D. Stewart)
Taylor Tippins … Kia
Justin Arnold … Travis
Mary Catherine Wells … Shelby Avery
Daniel Walker-Rice … Ryan
Carrie Holland … Mrs Avery
Tom Young … Sheriff
Jason Duffy Klemm … Choctaw Bill
Erin Marie Garrett … Mely
Brian Tyler Cohen … Bobby
Ashley Brinkman … Star
Jennifer Juvenelle … Melinda

Filming locations:
Fort Worth, Texas

Technical details:
1 hour 25 minutes
Aspect ratio: 1.78: 1


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