The Corpse Grinders – Germany, 2020 – overview


‘Nice to meat you!’

The Corpse Grinders is a 2020 German-American horror film written and directed by Timo Rose (Lord of the Undead; Barricade; Unrated: The Movie).

Main cast:

The film is a remake/reboot of Ted V. Mikels’ 1971 movie of the same name that has already spawned two sequels, in 2000 and 2012.

Press release:

The young Landau is the owner of the “Lotus Cat Food Company”. But the business is worse than expected. Landau is broke and can not pay its employees.

In effect, Landau kills one of his employees the other day.

Gradually, more and more employees and people disappear. One of the missing persons is Frank. His girlfriend Tessie sets out to search for him. And all traces lead to the “Lotus Cat Food Company”.

Initial production began on 1st June 2016, starring Max Evans (Nature the Series, Death Wish Zero) , Enya Maria Tames (Blood Feast remake), Yazmeen Baker (Ultimate Justice with Marc DaCascos) and many others. As of February 2020, the movie is in post-production.

Director Timo Rose says “It’s time for a new version of bone-crushing terror. It’s a modern version, bloody, scary and bone crushing.”

In this version, no-one will be killed by animals. The director’s vision is a dark and brutal version without any trash elements.

Timo Rose: “I don’t want to see cats killing people. I want to see Landau killing people. it’s time to tell the whole story from the beginning. It is a remake. It is a reboot. And it is something different and very new.”

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