NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEB (2015) Reviews and overview



Night of the Living Deb is a 2015 American independent romantic, comedy, post-apocalyptic zombie horror film directed by Kyle Rankin (Infestation) from a screenplay by Andy Selsor.

The movie stars Michael Cassidy, Maria Thayer, Ray Wise and Chris Marquette (Freddy vs. JasonInfestation).


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In the US, the film was released on VOD, Blu-ray and DVD by Dark Sky Films on September 6, 2016.

Maria Thayer Night of the Living Deb 2015

After an awkward one-night stand, Deborah, a camerawoman for the local news, leaves Ryan’s apartment only to head into a zombie apocalypse. With the only safe shelter being Ryan’s apartment, they must stick together in order to survive…


Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 18.23.03Reviews:

“As far as the “rom-zom-com” goes, Deb, for all its convincingly rendered zombie gore, isn’t much interested in the horror aspects … instead letting the shaggy charm of the cast play off of each other. Apart from the leads, Wise is delicious with twinkly menace as ever, Chris Marquette is funny as Ryan’s cluelessly gung-ho brother, and, in the small role of a snarky soldier, Brian Sacca steals all his scenes.” Maine Today

“The script, written by Andy Selsor, is spot on and is filled we great jokes and some really smart observations. Director Kyle Rankin also keeps things moving at a great pace, only slowing things down to expertly set the stage for the next joke. While the acting is excellent, these two helped the actors with direction and dialogue that was very well thought out and executed.” Geek Chic Elite


“If the performances are on point, so is the script. Penned by first-time screenwriter Andy Selsor, Night of the Living Deb‘s script is peppered with some incredibly witty observations, a rather subversive undertone and (near the knuckle) jokes which poke self-referential fun at the film, its characters and the very genre in which this inhabits.” Nerdly

” …while the story is predictable, the script provides some great zingers, even in the odd scene providing some genuine insight into relationship stuff. In the end, like most rom-coms, it’s quite feel good. Perhaps that was the aim here was, to put more weight on the rom-com aspect instead of horror. If that was the case, it works.” UK Horror Scene


Cast and characters:

  • Michael Cassidy as Ryan Waverly
  • Maria Thayer as Deborah Clarington
  • Ray Wise as Frank Waverly
  • Chris Marquette as Chaz Waverly
  • Syd Wilder as Stacy
  • Brian Sacca as Colonel Newton

Filming locations:

Portland, Maine

Fun Facts:

On March 6, 2014 Kyle Rankin and Michael Cassidy revealed via Kickstarter that they were producing a “Zom-Rom-Com”. Aside from a pledge video, they also released the first 16 pages of the script online. Investors were given 30 days to raise $99,000 – but by April 5, 2014 they had raised over $100,000.