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Susuk is a 2008 supernatural Malaysian horror film directed by Amir Muhammad and Naeim Ghalili from a screenplay co-written with Bijesh Jayarajan. It stars Diana Rafar and Ida Nerina. The story concerns a woman who uses the forbidden practice of susuk to be famous. It was touted as “the first Muslim lesbian vampire movie!” by co-director Amir Muhammad.

Soraya is a young trainee nurse who is starting to feel disaffected by her life. A chance introduction to the world of glamour piques her earlier ambition to be a star. She does not succeed at first, but she is told that the forbidden practice of susuk can help. She has to make a choice whether to stay the way she is, or cross the line. At first, susuk seems to give her confidence in her performance.

Meanwhile, Suzana is a prominent diva with an air of mystery. She has long been a practitioner of the black arts due to her use of the extreme susuk keramat. Every time she violates a taboo, a human life is required – first in the form of accidental deaths of her loved ones, then by outright murder and cannibalism. She develops inhuman, supernatural abilities…

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“It’s easy to condemn Susuk as a fluffy piece of utter nonsense. The movie is silly, will not win awards for acting, has a daft-looking monster and is not scary at all. It is also too long and has an anticlimactic ending. But on the other hand it uses some clever scripting of events, shows its exploitation roots with pride and provides the viewer with an abundance of flashy visuals (including an absolutely gorgeous lead actress).” Ard Vijn, Screen Anarchy

“Somehow, the essence of the story as captured beautifully by having great camera works… seamless shot of scenes from one to another and great acting by the actors…. I think that it’s good that the director does not delve too much on the morality of the subject matter but by showing the consequences of these endless infatuation instead… with a touch of humour” Days with Deen
“The kitsch art direction that was bursting with its makers’ wicked sense of humour; the homage to Argento, Almodovar, Lon Chaney and Bela Lugosi; the shameless but totally knowing and tongue-in-cheek borrowing of images from The Godfather, Hellraiser, and countless others… all this led to a thoroughly enjoyable movie experience for me […] “How lovely,” I thought, “to watch a local film made by genuinely smart filmmakers who didn’t have their heads up their own arses, and who seemed to have fun playing with film.” Yasmin Ahmad, The Storyteller

Cast and characters:

  • Diana Rafar – Suraya
  • Ida Nerina – Suzana
  • Noorkhiriah – Mastura
  • Gambit Saifullah – Kamal
  • Sofea Jane – Mona
  • Aleeza Kassim – Rozana
  • Tengku Marina – Aini
  • Anne Abdullah – Shasha

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