THE SANDMAN (2017) Reviews and overview


‘Don’t fall asleep’

The Sandman is a 2017 supernatural American horror film written, co-produced and directed by Peter Sullivan (OminousHigh School Possession; Summoned). Marvel’s Stan Lee is an executive producer. The Hybrid production stars Haylie Duff, Tobin Bell and Shaun Sipos.

Synaptic VFX (The Last Witch Hunter; Restoration; Sleepy Hollow TV series) provided the special effects.

The film premiered on Syfy on October 14, 2017, with a Lionsgate home video release in 2018.

It should not be confused with The Sandman, a planned 2019 Canadian/German horror film project by Italian director Dario Argento (Deep RedInfernoTrauma) from a screenplay by David Tully (The VillageDjinn) and starring Iggy Pop.


“The story for this one is the same as Firestarter by Stephen King except the pyrokinetic is replaced with summoning The Sandman. In both films we follow a small girl with special abilities as she tries to avoid a government. Not much in the way of creativity and what we get is a slow moving film that is predictable and painful.” Horror Society

“Working in The Sandman’s favor is its built in horror movie cred with the appearance of genre favorites Tobin Bell and Amanda Wyss […] Strong performances, a creepy creature, and an interesting premise make The Sandman worth checking out.” Rebecca Murray, Showbiz Junkies

Main cast:

  • Haylie Duff – Desecrated; Nightmare (2007); Addams Family Reunion
  • Tobin Bell – BelzebuthSaw franchise
  • Shaun Sipos – The Vampire Diaries; The RemainingTexas Chainsaw 3D; Lost Boys: The Tribe; The Grudge 2; Final Destination 2
  • Shae Smolik – The Hatred
  • Amanda Wyss – TriggeredThe Hatred; The Id; A Nightmare on Elm Street
  • Ricco Ross – The Possessed; Hydra; Octopus; WishmasterAliens
  • Jason-Shane Scott – Return of the Killer ShrewsThe Pit and the Pendulum; Starship Troopers 2; Curse of the Puppet Master; Shrieker
  • Mick Ignis
  • Lyn Alicia Henderson
  • Paul Logan
  • Scott Peat
  • Richard Gleason
  • Margarita Reyes
  • Aaron Norvell
  • Scott Campbell

Filming locations:

Acton, Hawthorne and Los Angeles, California