THE CURSE OF ROBERT (2016) Reviews and overview


‘Chucky and Annabelle were scary, Robert is your worst nightmare’

The Curse of Robert – aka The Curse of Robert the Doll – is a 2016 British supernatural horror film written and directed by Andrew Jones (Werewolves of the Third Reich; Cabin 28; The Amityville Asylum; et al) and is a sequel to Robert (2015). The movie stars Lee Bane, Nigel Barber and Tiffany Ceri.


Emily Barker (Tiffany Ceri) is a cash strapped student trying to make money as a cleaner working nights at the East Falls Museum. However, her peaceful graveyard shift turns into a time of terror when she is plagued by the sound of footsteps in empty corridors and mysterious vandalism throughout the building.

Emily begins to suspect that one of the exhibits, a creepy vintage doll named Robert, is alive and wreaking havoc after hours. Her reports to the head of security and the museum owner go unheeded.

When members of the night staff turn up dead in sinister circumstances, Emily knows the doll is responsible for the bloodshed. Unfortunately, a local police detective (Steven Dolton) points the finger of suspicion at Emily and she finds herself the prime suspect in the investigation…

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“Primarily set in the one location, The Curse of Robert is a fun, enjoyable successor to the rather engaging original.  Jones who knocks out movies at the pace of a Welsh Roger Corman provides us with another cheap and cheerful chiller…” Fleapit Cinema and Video Shop

“The title attraction’s collective screen time possibly exceeds one minute, but doubtful it runs over two. When he does appear, Robert’s “animation” consists of having offscreen hands shake him ridiculously or clunkily moving a limb. No attempt is made to give the doll character outside of his goofily silent expression.” Culture Crypt

“Writer/director Andrew Jones may have the heart to devotedly make an old school horror film, complete with practical FX, but the bland script,the stiff directing,and the mediocre acting pretty much do in the film despite whatever good intentions it has, replete with a non conclusive finale…” Letterboxd

” …like watching a soap opera with a killer doll appearing now and again. The film really should feature more of its star doll and less cliché dialogue […] Other than Robert’s creepy look and the decent acting, watching this film truly felt like a curse.” Saturday Nights In

Main cast:

Lee Bane – Werewolves of the Third Reich; The Toymaker; Cabin 28; Theatre of FearThe Amityville Asylum
Nigel Barber – The Dark Field; RobosharkLake Placid vs. Anaconda; Attack of the Killer Tomatoes! 
Tiffany Ceri – The Exorcism of Anna EcklundTheatre of Fear 
Suzie Frances Garton – Werewolves of the Third Reich; HexA Haunting at the Rectory; Robert

Jason Homewood – Primeval Predator; Cabin 28
Chris Bell – Knights of the Damned
Steven Dolton – Hellriser; KillerSaurus; Nocturnal Activity; Devil’s Tower; Zombie Undead


Robert the Doll (2015)

The Toymaker (2017)

The Revenge of Robert the Doll (2018)

Robert Reborn (2018)