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‘First there was Halloween. Then Friday the 13th. Now the scariest day of all…’ 
Deadly Little Christmas is a 2009 American horror film directed by Novin Shakiba (The Occultist) from a screenplay by Jeremiah Campbell. It was produced by the prolific David S. Sterling.

The movie features Felissa Rose  (Lilith; Family Possessions; Clawed; Victor Crowley; Bethany; Terror Tales; Sleepaway Camp), Samuel Nathan Hoffmire, Monique La Barr. Barbara Jean Barrielle, Charlotte Barrielle, Anthony Campanello, Eric Fischer, Manuel A. Ruiz Garcia, Noa Geller, Leah Grimsson, Patrick Heng, Kaypri, Grant Keledjian, Alan Morataya, Jay Moreno, Douglas Myers, Lynne Newton, Jed Rowen, Scarlett Shae, Shane Carther Thomas and Emery Wheeler.

Plot synopsis:
On Christmas Day, a young boy named Devin Merriman is institutionalized after being found covered in blood and clutching a knife, having apparently murdered his father and the housekeeper after walking in on the two of them making out in bed…

Fifteen years later, Devin escapes, just as a figure in a red mask begins committing a series of seemingly random murders…

Reviews [may contain spoilers]:
“Between all the lame drawn out dialogue there are a handful of lamer murders. One of them is hilarious as the actor shakes for about fifteen seconds after being stabbed in the ear (you can see it above). The weapon of choice seems to be a retractable blade and the effects amount to a few litres of red stuff and little else.” A Slash Above…

“It isn’t the production values reminiscent of a proud father videotaping his clumsy daughter’s dance recital. It isn’t the horrible writing (actually, the dialogue is brilliant comedy… but I don’t think that was intended). It is the fact that these people, over and over again, keep getting away with this! Is there no decency?!” Cinema Head Cheese

“This is an embarrassing indie effort that comes across like a really bad student film. With poor acting, writing, dialogue, and f/x there’s nothing here that I can recommend. Not even the “Holiday Horror” completist will wanna suffer through Deadly Little Christmas.” Anything Horror

“The actors range from mediocre to awful. Flubbed lines are allowed to seep into the finished product and some of the mundane reactions from people about to get killed are pretty hilarious. The continuity is off numerous times and, despite employing annoying cheat scenes (including have a different actor actually play the killer), the whole thing is just extremely predictable.” The Bloody Pit of Horror

“This movie should be avoided at all costs. If you see it somewhere the best thing to do is take it and hide where nobody will find it, saving the world from such a terrible experience is sure to get you on Santa’s nice list. They try to salvage the plot with a twist at the end but it’s not too hard to see it coming…” The Film Reel

“Bottom of the barrel junk, mostly in regards to dialogue and acting. Some of the fake-looking gore is okay, but there’s nothing here worth remembering.” Splatter Critic

MOVIES and MANIA comment:
Deadly Little Christmas has generally been met with widespread disdain by critics, who complained about the poor performances, derivative and plodding storyline, weak cinematography and feeble special effects.

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