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Red Krokodil is a 2012 Italian horror film directed by Domiziano Cristopharo (Deep Web; POE 4: The Black Cat; Virus: Extreme Contamination; Phantasmagoria; et al; co-producer of Phobia; American Guinea Pig: Sacrifice) from a screenplay written by Francesco Scardone (Poern). The movie stars Brock Madson, Valerio Cassa and Viktor Karam.


A man (Brock Madon) is addicted to the mind-numbing drug, Krokodil. He suddenly finds himself alone in a post-nuclear city similar to Chernobyl. His physical decay, caused by the massive intake of drugs, is mirrored in his inner world, as reality mixes with hallucinations.

The breakup of the body that this drug causes, is severe in it’s graphic and yet, slow destruction while he is slowly falling into madness as his addictions to the drug, runs out of control…

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“When it comes to the pacing of the film, I was reminded of the film Thanatomorphose. Both have a similar slow pace, with amazing gore effects. The slow physical decay of the main character also reminded me of films like Contracted and Decay.” Beneath the Underground

“The setting of the apartment is a dirty place, there’s a layer of filth on the walls and floor, the place gave me an icky feeling, definitely the sort of movie that requires a shower afterwards. By design, the story and movie is dark and depressive, and it made for a challenging viewing…” McBastard’s Mausoleum

Red Krokodil is powerful and moving and sickening. It is uncomfortable and is not fun. It’s small scale and giant in scope. Red Krokodil deals with the cold, harsh side of life presented in a cycle of substance abuse but the message applies to any countless number of life’s less savory things.” Celluloid Terror

Filming locations:

Rome, Lazio, Italy
Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve, Colorado
Red Rock Crossing, Sedona, Arizona
San Francisco, California

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