TAINTED (1998) Reviews and overview

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‘One Hell of a night’

Tainted is a 1998 American vampire comedy feature film directed by Brian Evans from a screenplay by Sean Farley. The movie stars Jason Brouwer, Sean Farley, Greg James, Stacey Murphy, T.J. Timon, and Ronnie Walsh.


A group of video store film geeks, one of whom is a moralistic vampire, are on their way to a midnight movie showing of Blade Runner, when they get sidetracked and stumble onto an unscrupulous vampire’s plot to taint the local hospital’s blood supply with undead hemoglobin…


” …most of the witty repartee is natural and novel (anyone who praises Raising Arizona and the Coen’s as much as the guys in this film do is OK in this critic’s book). But once the film moves into the vampire against vampirism plot, things take a financially strapped production path that grows more and more dissatisfying.” Bill Gibron, DVD Talk

Tainted is quite a nice surprise if you think you’ve exhausted the horror supply of the post-Scream 90s, or if you’re a fan of Kevin Smith’s Clerks, as it’s obvious that the film owes just as much to it as it does any horror film that may have inspired writer Sean Farley…” Brett Gallman, Oh, the Horror!

” …one of the problems is that such a simple premise is stretched to 108 minutes. I normally wouldn’t complain, after all the length is stretched out by dialogue, but as I say that dialogue isn’t as well written as it wants to be and the actors, whilst they try their best, quite frankly are not up to the task.” Taliesin Meets the Vampires

“While the movie opens with an exciting and well-orchestrated action sequence, the next half-hour of character development plays like the outtakes from Slackers. Don’t get me wrong, I actually liked the humorous riffs from Slackers. However, this writer simply misfires every joke.” HAL9000-4

Choice dialogue:

Alex: “He’s been an over-critical know-it-all prick all night. And that’s before he had a drop of alcohol.”

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