HOLLOWGATE (1988) Reviews and overview


‘When Mark Walters throws a party… even Freddy and Jason wouldn’t dare to come!’

Hollowgate – promoted as Hollow Gate – is a 1988 American slasher horror film written and directed by Ray Di Zazzo, his only feature. It stars Addison Randall, Katrina Alexy, and Richard Dry.

At a Halloween party, a young boy named Mark Walters is almost killed by his drunken, alcoholic father.

Ten years later, Mark begins a bizarre murder spree, adopting different killer guises…


“The acting is never going to win any awards, the plot is filled with clichés we’ve all seen dozens of times before, and it’s lacking suspense, gore, and nudity, three trademarks of a slasher movie. But despite that, I really did like this movie. I found it to be quite enjoyable in a cheesy sort of way.” James Oxyler, Obscure Cinema 101

” …maybe I should’ve given it a chance as an inadvertent comedy. There’s enough rubbish dialogue, horrendous acting and the like for it to satisfy cheese fans, but for me it was irredeemable.” Luisito Joaquin Gonzalez, A Slash Above…

“Low body count, rubbish gore, characters who should die but don’t – this is only made bearable by the bewildering lack of acting talent.” Vegan Voorhees

“There really aren’t any real scares to be found, just unintentionally funny scenes. That in itself me be the one saving grace of Hollow Gate, that it’s one of those films so inept, that it can actually be quite funny and entertaining at times, because of this.” Ronnie Angel, Slashed Dreams: The Ultimate Guide to Slasher Films

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Hollow Gate: an asinine and totally unsuccessful body counter that, when viewed as a straight horror film, deserves its obscurity, but when viewed as a bad film, arguably deserves a wider rep. It is truly one unbelievably crappy film.” A Wasted Life

“Most of the deaths are as laughable as the emotional performances given by the “teen” actors (who deserve a review all to themselves). It’s not too often you get to see a combine (which goes a whopping 5 mph) used to chase down a victim. More significantly, Hollow Gate brings about what might be the very first ever on screen dog attack featuring golden retrievers.” Chuck Norris Ate My Baby

“Hollow Gate features very little in the way of special effects and the acting is of pantomime standard. Too many characters are introduced simply to be killed off moments later, and it all gets pretty boring after a while.” Jim Harper, Legacy of Blood: A Comprehensive Guide to Slasher Movies

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Choice dialogue:

Mark: “Happy Halloween, you filthy old hag!”

Main cast:

Addison Randall, Katrina Alexy, Richard Dry, Patricia Jacques, J.J. Miller, George Cole, Robert Gallo, Pat Shalsant, Jerry Marble, Jeffrey Culver, Mario Hernandez, Ted Buck, Biff Yeager.

Filming locations:


Image credits: A Wasted Life

Plot keywords:

abusive father | alcoholic | combine harvester | convenience store | dogs | gas station | grandma | Halloween | hospital | ice cream | judge | knife | lawyers | murder | panties | party | policemen | wig


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