DAUGHTERS OF SATAN (1972) Reviews and overview

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‘A secret cult of lust-crazed witches torturing their victims with fire and desire!’

Daughters of Satan is a 1972 American horror film directed by Hollingsworth Morse (The Ghost & Mrs. MuirPufnstuf) from a screenplay by John C. Higgins (The Black Sleep). The movie stars Tom Selleck, Barra Grant, Tani Guthrie, Paraluman, Vic Silayan and Vic Díaz.


James Robertson (Tom Selleck) buys a painting depicting witches being burned at the stake, one of whom bears an uncanny resemblance to his wife, Chris.

Unfortunately, Chris is gradually taken over by the personality of the witch in the painting that she resembles, allies herself with two other reincarnated witches to plan James’ death, as he proves to be a descendant of the man responsible for the witches’ fate…

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…Daughters of Satan sports a slow first act, but it completely changes tones after about half an hour. The idea of evil witches emerging from a centuries old painting is cool enough to keep the eyes on the screen, and Tom Selleck really reminds the audience that in his prime, he was one bad ass dude.” Horrorfreak News

“The soundtrack is sure to appeal to those into oddball horror themes, as it’s filled with all sorts of those wacky ‘ooooeeeeeooooo’ sounds that are used all too infrequently these days. There are also a couple of nude flagellation scenes involving the lovely Ms. Grant that, while appealing from an exploitation standpoint, feel pretty out of place in what would otherwise be a strictly PG rated outing.” Rock! Shock! Pop!

“The whole thing plays like an extremely lame episode of The Twilight Zone, and Selleck doesn’t play at all.” TV Guide

“It’s kind of silly satanic fun, and is so poorly made and acted that it’s all rather amusing. And there’s enough spookiness and people dying every few minutes to keep you interested. This is for lovers of bad movies only, as there really is nothing at all good about it, and the only amusement it can offer is in how very cheesy it is.” Cinema de Merde

“The predictability of the plot and lifelessness of the direction render Daughters of Satan tame and, at 90 minutes overlong and rather dull. In minor ways it anticipates The Omen: aloof, menacing housekeeper turns up out of nowhere, hires herself to protect her satanic interests, keeps a big Rottweiler, a “familiar,” around the house and it growls menacingly at the protagonist, etc., etc.” DVD Talk

” …some metaphysical mumbo jumbo, a few, obligatory seminude scenes and explicitly sexy talk. Miss Grant and Miss Guthrie are photogenic, if little else, and Mr. Selleck, a handsome, virile, mustachioed type, is natural in his confusion about the bewitchery.” The New York Times

Choice dialogue:

Kitty Duarte: “We were married for eleven years and he never once touched my breasts!”

Kitty Duarte: “Prove that you recommitted to Our Lord Satan. Deny Christ! Spit on him!”

Cast and characters:

  • Tom Selleck as James Robertson – Coma; The Wide World of Mystery
  • Barra Grant as Chris Robertson
  • Tani Phelps Guthrie as Kitty Duarte – The Thirsty Dead
  • Paraluman as Juana Rios
  • Vic Silayan as Doctor Dangal – Night of the Cobra Woman
  • Vic Díaz as Carlos Ching – Vampire Hookers; The Thirsty Dead; The Blood Drinkers; Blood Thirst
  • Gina Laforteza as Andrea
  • Ben Rubio as Tommy Tantulco
  • Paquito Salcedo as Mortician
  • Chito Reyes as Guerilla
  • Bobby Greenwood as Mrs. Postlewaite


In the UK, Daughters of Satan was passed by the BBFC in 1972 with cuts (details unavailable).


Daughters of Satan was released in the USA on November 1, 1972, by United Artist on a double-bill with Superbeast, also produced by Aubrey Schenck.

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