PRIME EVIL (1988) Reviews and overview

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‘A terrifying force that cannot be resisted is here’

Prime Evil is a 1988 American supernatural horror film directed by Roberta Findlay (Lurkers; Blood Sisters; The Oracle; Snuff) from a screenplay by Ed Kelleher (Voodoo Dolls; Shriek of the Mutilated; Invasion of the Blood Farmers) and Harriette Vidal. It stars William Beckwith, Christine Moore and Mavis Harris.

In New York, a coven of devil-worshiping monks search for victims for their sacrificial ceremonies…

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“The only real disappointment was the demon at the end. I didn’t find it scary at all… just messy and almost unrecognisable as anything really. Prime Evil was entertaining, it had a strong premise, and some great performances, but it wasn’t executed well enough in the final analysis to make me feel like watching it again.”

“It’s got a few fun scenes here and there, but it’s overall a mindless bore of a film, and for the life of me I cannot understand why director Roberta Findlay or the screenwriters thought anyone would be interested in this particular non-story.” Brian W. Collins, Horror Movie a Day

“The dialogue seemed to fit for most of the characters: those important to the plot had clear, competent lines while those unimportant to the plot got to fill the screen with irritating, unbearable dialogue. Sadly, the latter group is the one we hear the most from. Halfway through, I was begging for the villains to kill off Alexandra’s friends, relatives, associates and the two cop characters…” Varied Celluloid

Prime Evil is as boring as you can possibly imagine. The borderline retarded janitor/killer has his moments here and there, there is a bit of senseless nudity thrown in, and Satan himself makes an appearance at one point, providing the only glimmer of entertainment in the film.” Quick Horror Movie Reviews

Choice dialogue:

“Don’t you wanna get poked?”

“Cut the crap, fart breath!”

“You’re being very flippant for a man about to sacrifice his granddaughter.”

“Well, you clergy must have had your hands full with Luther and the Reformation.”

“The Church is supposed to care about people. Now all they care about is power and money. I was a fool to believe in them. A fool.”

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Main cast and characters:

  • William Beckwith as Father Thomas Seaton – Tromeo and JulietThrilled to Death
  • Christine Moore as Alexandra Parkman – Thrilled to Death; Lurkers
  • Mavis Harris as Sister Angela – Video Violence 2
  • Max Jacobs as George Parkman
  • Tim Gail as Bill King
  • George Krause as Ben
  • Ruth Collins as Cathy – Witch Academy; Hell Roller; Doom AsylumLurkers; Blood Sisters
  • Amy Brentano as Brett
  • Jeanne Marie as Judy
  • Gary Warner as Detective Dann Carr
  • Iraida Cruz as Mrs. Quinto
  • Roseanna Peterson as Alison Deveraux
  • Cameron Kell as Frances Parkman
  • Nicole Sislian as Tina
  • Phil Murphy as Bishop McCabe

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