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‘Their hazing was a night to dismember’

Blood Sisters is a 1987 American supernatural slasher horror film written and directed by Roberta Findlay (Prime Evil; Lurkers; The Oracle; Snuff). The movie stars Amy Brentano, Shannon McMahon and Dan Erickson.

In 1974, a young boy murders his prostitute mother and one of her clients with a shotgun…


1987: As part of a pledge initiation, seven sorority girls attempt to brave the night in the now-abandoned house.

Unbeknownst to them, their boyfriends have rigged the building to scare the ladies witless. Sorority sister Linda (Amy Brentano) is in charge of the affair and orders the pledges on a scavenger hunt.

The young women face a triple threat – the increasingly more dangerous frat boys’ practical jokes, a real psychotic killer and the possessed house itself…


“Think cheese; think sleaze; think dialogue that could get you arrested- then double it. Blood Sisters is, quite literally, the dog’s bollocks when it comes to bad (as in baaad, and dangerous to know) slasher flicks. It’s cheap; it’s cheerless, and you could make a lasagne with it, but, really, could you resist a ‘haunted whorehouse of horror’…” Hysteria Lives

” …the effects are bad – check the crappy doll that takes a tumble over the banister – and the acting talents of the young starlets could’ve been refined somewhat, but it fills a hole if you want a decent unintentional laugh, but for slashtastic thrills, go for The Initiation instead.” Vegan Voorhees

“The film’s director, Roberta Findlay is a colorful raconteur, I am assured; and when it came time to deliver in the sleaze department, she certainly tried hard. There’re only a few tidbits of flesh here-and-there and even then, it’s often delivered in a bizarre, if not boring, manner.” HNN

“If tons of big hair, bad synth music, outrageous overacting, odd nudity, and goofy violence sounds like heaven, Blood Sisters is a must-purchase. But for those viewers who want a little more to their bad horror movies, there is really very little to savor about this one.” DVD Drive-In

“Well-constructed shot transitions, indirect lighting, solid composition, all are hallmarks of a sensibility at work that makes this look far better than most movies of its period and format. […] The girls all have realistic, grounded personalities, and their exploration of the house proceeds organically and coherently…” Letterboxd

“Roberta claims she slapped this movie together to avoid owing the IRS a lot of money, and if that’s the whole truth, then, uh, well, thanks IRS for giving her a reason to share a piece of herself with us! I loved her cinematography, lighting, makeshift FX/gags and the glimpse of her artistry when it comes to shooting sex scenes…” Letterboxd

“Every stereotype of girl arrives there, nerdy girl, trashy girl, won’t stop talking girl, snobby girl, plus some other girls who apparently are so dispensable that their names aren’t even mentioned. I believe in the credits they’re referred to as big-haired victims#1-4. Take count as they all kinda look alike in the set’s bad lighting.” Lost Highway

” …has a unique low budget charm that endears itself to me. And, honestly, can you really hate on a film with a big scary house (perhaps the film’s best asset), prostitute ghosts, a slasher in a big silk nightgown, and a bevy of babes who are willing to get topless?” Video Junkie

“A combination of The Nesting (1980) and Hell Night (1981) – both, perhaps significantly, also by ex-p0rn makers – this begins as a somewhat clumsy ghost story and turns into a perfunctory body-count picture.” The Aurum Film Encyclopedia: Horror

Blu-ray release:

Blood Sisters is released on Blu-ray by Media Blasters on January 12, 2021, via a new 4K scan from the original 35mm negatives.

Blood Sisters was previously released on DVD on October 12, 2004, by Shriek Show with an audio commentary by Joe Bob Briggs and an interview with Roberta Findlay.

Choice dialogue:

“And now like any good horror film, the van won’t start.”

Filming locations:

Englewood, New Jersey

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