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Dagon is a 2001 Spanish horror film directed by Stuart Gordon (The Dentist; From BeyondRe-Animator; et al) from a screenplay written by Dennis Paoli. Despite the title, the plot is actually based on H. P. Lovecraft‘s novella The Shadow Over Innsmouth (1932) rather than on his earlier short story ‘Dagon’ (1919).

A boating accident off the coast of Spain sends Paul and his girlfriend Barbara to the decrepit fishing village of Imboca. As night falls, people start to disappear and things not quite human start to appear. Paul is pursued by the entire town.

Running for his life, he uncovers Imboca’s secret..they worship Dagon, a monstrous god of the sea… and Dagon’s unholy offspring are on the loose…


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Audio Commentary with Director Stuart Gordon and Screenwriter Denis Paoli
Audio Commentary with Director Stuart Gordon and Star Ezra Godden
New: “Gods & Monsters” – A discussion with Director Stuart Gordon, Interviewed by Filmmaker Mick Garris
New: “Shadows over Imboca” – An Interview with Producer Brian Yuzna
New: “Fish Stories” – An Interview with S.T. Joshi, author of I Am Providence: The Life and Times of H.P. Lovecraft
Vintage EPK
Archival Interviews with Stuart Gordon, Ezra Godden, and other Cast & Crew
Theatrical Trailer
New: Conceptual Art Gallery from Artist Richard Raaphorst
Storyboard Gallery
Still Gallery


“Though it’s not perfect, Lovecraft fans will most likely be willing to forgive Dagon‘s shortcomings in favor of a film that obviously shows great respect and appreciation for its source materials.” AllMovie

“With a few script touch ups and, more fleshed out characters and a more endearing lead, the film would’ve kicked my ass all over my padded my room. As/is there was a human anchor missing. But even with its setbacks there are still enough horror treats in this unsettling tale to make it worth the boat ride.” Arrow in the Head

…Dagon demonstrates that the filmmakers still ascribe to their small-budget and exploitation roots, putting most of their money up on the screen by way of creature effects, make-up, production design, etc., along with a mild infusion of some gratuitous T&A. The look of the movie and the effects is fantastic…” Austin Chronicle

” …the need to realize much of what Lovecraft writes requires a heavy reliance on computer effects that either weren’t advanced enough at the time or outside of the movie’s budget. It doesn’t always feel like the work of Stuart Gordon, a filmmaker who loves to go over the top, but usually does so within a fairly confined setting and limited scope. That’s not the case here. Dagon can’t quite go over the top because the movie never establishes where the top is.” Daily Dead

” …I’m willing to forgive the sometimes cheap-looking digital effects and the sometimes rubbery-looking tentacles. The fact that said tentacles are often seen in association with Macarena Gomez (probably the sexiest high priestess in movies for many a year) or clutching at a naked Raquel Merono (who essays the helpless struggling victim role very nicely) while she’s suspended in chains over a pit probably helps.” House of Mortal Cinema

“Godden does a great job as the confused Paul and adds a comic relief touch to his character while still showing the emotion of pure terror and narrowly escaping the mutant townsfolk. Speaking of which, there’s also a good amount of scares and gore to go around. Every chase scene if full of suspense and does a great job entertaining you for the film’s 90-minute runtime…” Strange Kids Club

” …builds some good spooky mood at first and manages to be watchable with Godden making a suitably “dorky” hero, an okay opening dream sequence involving a mermaid, decent creature effects and couple of gruesomely cool moments (the best one involving a derelict’s face). Sure it’s a bit leisurely paced and certainly not perfect…” The Video Graveyard

“Gordon nicely creates the decayed humanity of Lovecraft’s ‘Innsmouth’ […] Dagon is a dark story well told, but for some Lovecraft lovers, it may be a fish that should have gotten away.” Andrew Migliore and John Strysik, Lurker in the Lobby: A Guide to the Cinema of H. P. Lovecraft, Night Shade Books, 2006

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Cast and characters:

Ezra Godden … Paul Marsh
Francisco Rabal … Ezequiel
Raquel Meroño … Bárbara
Macarena Gómez … Uxía Cambarro
Brendan Price … Howard
Birgit Bofarull … Vicki
Uxía Blanco … Madre Ezequiel
Ferran Lahoz … Sacerdote
Joan Minguell … Xavier Cambarro
Alfredo Villa … Capitán Orfeo Cambarro
José Lifante … Recepcionista Hotel
Javier Sandoval … Padre Ezequiel
Victor Barreira … Ezequiel Joven
Fernando Gil … Sacerdote Católico
Jorge Luis Pérez … Chico

Technical details:

98 minutes
Audio: Dolby Digital
Aspect ratio: 1.85: 1


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