BLOOD JUNKIE (2010) Reviews and overview

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‘A harmless trip finds harm’s way…’

Blood Junkie is a 2010 American horror feature film written and directed by Drew Rosas (Billy Club). The Surgery Room production stars Nick Sommer, Mike Johnson, and Sarah Luther.


High school senior Laura Mills’ parents are gone for  the weekend, leaving her stuck at home babysitting her lame little brother. When her friends invite her on a camping adventure, she decides to join the fun and drag him along.

However, what begins as a killer weekend might just become a killing one when they discover an abandoned building where evil resides…


“The film has so many great elements; fun protagonists, a mysterious killer, the campground setting, an awesome campfire story, it’s stylish, the score is fantastic and the acting is pretty great for a cast of relative unknowns.” McBastard’s Mausoleum


” …most of the film consists of the killer (who looks to have raided Harry Warden’s closet) rushing in and capturing his prey. We eventually find out that he’s harvesting his victims’ blood, which explains the lack of actual hack and slash; that’s a unique wrinkle, but it hardly makes for a good slasher.” Oh, the Horror!

“The increasingly plotless vibe ensures that by the time the horror-oriented stuff finally kicks in at around the one-hour mark, the viewer has long-since lost the ability to care about the fates of any of these people – which effectively confirms Blood Junkie‘s place as a well-intentioned yet entirely underwhelming low-budget effort.” Reel Film Reviews

Blood Junkie was a pleasure to sit through and there’s enough here to prove that Rosas is an exquisite horror filmmaker. His audacious directive style makes him something of a B-movie Wes Anderson […] At 72 minutes, Junkie could never be accused of outstaying its welcome and it’s a film that I feel deserves some of your time.” A Slash Above…

“For a no-budget movie, the acting in Blood Junkie is exceptional. While the actors are purposefully adding a bit of cheese onto their lines, every character embodies their role both flawlessly and humorously. This is probably easy because the dialogue in Blood Junkie is hilarious.” Take My Life, Please

” …the tone and look of the movie is spot on, as it really does feel like you are watching a slasher movie from 1989 at times. The kills are bloody, but only one is really that graphic […] the film ends up feeling too gimmicky for its own good, with several of the jokes and references running on nostalgia and little more.” Talk of Horrors

“As with Billy Club the tropes of the slasher and horrors of the 80s are played with, but not mocked so much as embraced. If you love watching movies like Deadtime Stories, Scalps or Killer Workout, you’ll enjoy this while scratching your head how it is so damn close to the vibe of the VHS era…” Tomb It May Concern

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 18.11.58Main cast and characters:

  • Nick Sommer … Craig Wilson
  • Mike Johnson … Teddy Bender
  • Sarah Luther … Laura
  • Emily Treolo … Rachel
  • Andrew Swant … The Creature
  • Ross Bachhuber … Jef Bolstead
  • Chris Chuzles … Hitchhiker
  • Bobby Ciraldo … Billy the Butt
  • Brady Cohen … Andy

Production and release:

Shot in Wisconsin for $6,000. The film premiered at the Milwaukee Film Festival on October 2, 2010.

It was released on DVD in the United States by Troma Entertainment on May 10, 2011. Special features include an audio commentary by director Rosas, deleted scenes, a slideshow, Rosas’ short film entitled Plastic Fangs, a trailer, and an introduction from Debbie Rochon and Lloyd Kaufman.

Film Facts:

The film’s original title was Rocky Trails

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