THE DEVIL’S MACHINE (2018) Reviews and overview

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‘What has died, lives again.’

The Devil’s Machine is a 2018 British/United Arab Emirates horror feature film directed by Lawrie Brewster (The Black Gloves; For We Are Many; The Unkindness of Ravens; Lord of Tears) from a screenplay written by Sarah Daly (The Black Gloves; Kids vs Monsters). Also know as Automata

The movie stars Jamie Scott Gordon, Alexandra Nicole Hulme, Erich Redman and Jonathan Hansler.


An antique expert is sent to authenticate a three-hundred-year-old clockwork doll with a notorious history, the ‘Infernal Princess.’ He soon comes under its corrupting influence, and, along with his stepdaughter Rose, finds himself the target of dark forces beyond his control…


Director Lawrie Brewster has commented: “Automata is a wild, gothic thrill-ride inspired by the decadence of Ken Russell’s Gothic, as well as the sensual expressionism of Argento’s Suspiria and Bava’s Black Sabbath. It’s by far the most ambitious film we’ve produced, with a truly epic story that switches between the 1700s and the present day to reveal the truth behind the curse of the ‘Infernal Princess’.”


” …to begin with at least I really enjoyed where it seemed to be going. However, by the film’s third act it had gone off the rails a bit, seeming to lose some of its cohesiveness in exchange for meandering madness. Overall it was an interesting idea to play around with, but for all its fascinating backstory the present-day moments just couldn’t match.” The Rotting Zombie

“Everything here echoes with sexually depraved double meaning, even as the General’s unspeakable designs upon his daughter repeat themselves in Brendan’s relationship with Rose. The form of this film’s title is not singular but plural. For the Infernal Princess is not the only automaton here, as Brendan and Rose too find themselves serving as puppets in an iterative drama whose words and gestures were written centuries before.” SciFiNow

” …the period inevitably means echoes of Barry Lyndon (or even parallels with The Favourite) but the general tone of perverse obsession evokes the scruffier, disreputable sex horror films of Jean Rollin and Jesus Franco. Key cast is excellent, with Gordon and Hulme held over from earlier Hex films, and newcomer Lucie showing a presence and range which will catch the attention of casting directors.” Screen Daily

“Brewster and Daly take what could have been a fairly routine haunted house film and add loads of Argento styled lighting, distinctly deviant relationships and feminist subtext about the mistreatment of women. Thankfully they don’t let The Devil’s Machine become an overdone message film […] Visually impressive with some inspired imagery The Devil’s Machine is a film that should make you uncomfortable as well as scare you.” Voices from the Balcony

” …has ample ideas, a sense of where it comes from, great locations, clear potential and bags of ambition. Everything is set for a great, original British horror. But the performances, the stylistic decisions and most of all, how the plot tumbles out via a jaw-dropping script turns this potential into a bizarre skit, I’m sorry to say.” Warped Perspective

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Main cast:
Jamie Scott Gordon – The Black Gloves; BonejanglesLord of Tears
Alexandra Nicole Hulme – Lord of TearsThe Black Gloves
Erich Redman – Demonsoul
Jonathan HanslerVampire Virus; The Haunting of Alcatraz; Hellriser; Convention of the Dead; Nocturnal Activity; The Devil’s BusinessPatrol Men
Victoria Lucie

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