There’s Something in the Pilliga – Australia, 2014 – reviews

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‘In the Australian outback, not all that wanders is lost…’

There’s Something in the Pilliga – aka Half Human – is a 2014 Australian found footage horror film written and directed by Dane Millerd. The Local Legends Entertainment production stars Brendan Byrne, Leoni Leaver, Rebecca Callander.

The Pilliga Yowie, – or ‘Jingra’ – has haunted the Australian outback for centuries, stalking a remote part of New South Wales, where men seldom dare tread, content to keep to itself… until now.

Ocker truck driver Jay and his cameraman buddy Dylan journey into the Pilliga National Park with some drunken women they meet in a pub. Things take a sinister turn when a local legend comes out to play…

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” …runs afoul of the usual found footage gaffes, however, its last 10-15 minutes are pretty good with some nice twists, if not a little running with the camera heavy. That issue aside it does have its frightening moments and if you’ve read up on Yowie’s it makes the experience all the more hair raising…” Haddonfield Horror

” …the film lacks on-screen deaths but the few kills we get to see the aftermath of have great practical effects.  This more than made up for the lack of on-screen kills. Overall, There’s Something in the Pilliga is a fantastic film that has enjoyable characters and never has a dull moment.” Horror Society

“The acting from all participants is well-rounded. Despite my lacking enthusiasm for Jay and his words, he pulls off this type of lad well. I also really enjoyed the beautiful scenery captured as they drive around.” Mother of Movies

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