Bride of Scarecrow – aka Scarecrow Rising – is a 2018 British horror feature film directed by Louisa Warren (Curse of the Scarecrow) from a screenplay by Shannon Holiday (Mandy the Doll; House on Elm Lake). The ChampDog Films production stars Claire-Maria Fox, Manny Jai Montana and Shawn C. Phillips.


Failing radio host May Sealey (Claire-Maria Fox) finds out she has inherited a farm house in Wales from a family she never knew she existed.

Intent on repairing her career, she sets off with her friends to make the ultimate discovery for her radio show – but what she finds may well be what she would least expect – for every twenty years, the scarecrow will rise, and this time – he’s seeking a bride…


” …an exercise in tedium as people get bumped off and May realises that her family connections have singled her out for attention by the ghost scarecrow. The same scarecrow seen leaning up against the wall in the stables or hanging on a post in the grounds then. While it’s good to see women making genre films […] this is just leaden cobblers.” Dark Eyes of London

” …one of the best scarecrow horror films in years. Sure there is a few issues with dialogue being overpowered by music, and some of the dialogue is laughable but don’t let that distract you from what is a well crafted story. The location becomes a character in itself in some scenes which helps drive the story forward.” Horrorscreams Videovault

Cast and characters:

  • Claire-Maria Fox … May Sealey / Mary-Lou – 12 Deaths of Christmas aka Mother KrampusSuicide Club
  • Manny Jai Montana … Darren
  • Shawn C. Phillips … Mystery Buster Vlogger – Dead Ant; ReyesDevil’s DomainThe Haunting at Whaley HouseGhost SharkAssault of the Sasquatch; et al
  • Claudine-Helene Aumord … Christine
  • Lucia Edwards … Anya
  • Elizabeth Mannering … Grace Everett
  • Will Dodd … Antony Pamersan
  • Nicola Lean … Connie
  • Amy Blackthorne … Edith Allerton
  • Suzy O’Sullivan … Tracy Warren
  • Magda Vero … Lottie Downton
  • Sam Bull … Allan Woodson
  • Elena Thomas … Sabina Warren
  • Karin Bello … Eva Charters

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