THE INCUBUS STUDIO (2017) Chinese horror


The Incubus Studio – aka Fright Studio and 画室惊魂 – is a 2017 Chinese supernatural horror feature film directed by Xing Bo. The movie stars Luo Xiang, Yang Xin, Chen Meixing, Peng Bo, Yu Xinbo, Na Wei and Zhang Shan.

There are three taboos in folklore paintings in ancient towns. The so-called “three no paintings”: no painting at midnight, no painting in the eyes, no paintings of ghosts. Painting at midnight may cause yin and attract ghosts; drawing eyes may bring people to the soul; painting ghosts, this ghost will wrap you around.

Painter Lu Feng did not believe the “three no paintings” legend. He and his wife Ouyang Xue moved to an old house in the town. Every day he worked in the studio until late at night, and his wife disappeared for no reason…

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