SEANCE (2011) Reviews and overview


‘Somebody wants to talk to you’

Seance – aka 666: Seance Hour – is a 2011 Australian supernatural horror feature film written and directed by Nathan Hill. The movie stars Daniel Rankin, Bronwyn Murphy, Piers Cunningham, Stephanie Wakefield, Lara Welsh and James Lawson.

After William Trigger’s fiancé dies in a car accident, his life begins to spiral downwards into loneliness and seclusion.

Taking a friend’s advice, he attends a gathering, unaware that a séance is waiting for him on his arrival to try and contact the deceased. When he returns home things are not what they seem. Something or someone begins to haunt him…

The movie was released on DVD in the USA by Bayview Entertainment as 666: Seance Hour on September 18, 2018.


“This isn’t an out and out horror film; Séance is a journey into one man’s fall into madness and it chilled me to the bone. The overall mood of the film is dark and creeping, with a slow pacing that definitely doesn’t hurt the film at all – it actually completes it!” The Other View

” …the atmosphere and tension is warp into factor nine and beyond. Nathan Hill adds the chill to Australian horror, and doesn’t break a sweat in doing so […] Some of the acting is slightly on the wooden side of the bench, and in a couple of places I wondered if the dialogue wasn’t slightly too formal for an Aussie setting.” Jeff Ritchie, Scary Minds

” …quite dreary in subject matter and quite slow in pacing. The film left this film fan with a bad taste in the mouth and this is an independent thriller that is more about following a depressed lonely man moping about than offering any horrifying thrills.” Michael Allen, 28 Days Later Analysis

Filming locations:

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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