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blood tracks

Blood Tracks is a 1985 Swedish slasher horror film directed by Mats Helge and Derek Ford from a screenplay co-written with Anna Wolf. The Smart Egg Pictures production stars Jeff Harding, Michael Fitzpatrick and Naomi Kaneda.

The rock band is played by the members of Easy Action – featuring Shotgun Messiah’s Zinny Zan, Europe guitarist Kee Marcello, Chris Lynn and Noice members Fredrik von Gerber and Peo Thyren.

Co-director and British trash filmmaker Derek Ford (CorruptionDon’t Open Till Christmas; Attack of the Killer Computer) has a brief cameo role.

A film crew producing a rock music video decides to shoot at an abandoned factory above the snow line. When an avalanche strands them, a murderous family living in the factory attacks and kills most of them…

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“Blood Tracks is nothing but a good time. It’s an old-fashioned 80s gore movie with rocks for brains and the boots to match. More Solid Gold footage would’ve been nice, but every hard rock slasher can’t be expected to shred like Rocktober Blood, now can it?” Bleeding Skull

Blood Tracks is very cheesy, cheap and silly, but finally it lives up to it’s promise as a real, bloody and nasty slasher. I’m not saying it’s a masterpiece, because it’s not – Mats Helge was most of his career a very incompetent storyteller – but this ranks as his best together with The Ninja Mission.” Ninja Dixon

“It’s stupid, gory, and hilarious and best watched under the influence of whatever your particular vice may be. And dig that soundtrack! Bonus points are awarded to an awesome kill scene in which the bad guy throws an axe at a dude, hits him square in the head and sends him careening over a walkway to his death in the industrial complex below…” Rock! Shock! Pop!


“The make-up effects are by no means any worse than your average foreign slasher of the same time. Except perhaps for the leprosy-looking facial make-up of the mutated (or whatever they are) cannibals.” Nordic Fantasy

” …the film has been developed with such a low exposition that it’s near impossible to see what’s happening nor tell any of the characters apart. The band all look the same, as do the dancers and everyone else dies so early on it makes no difference.” Vegan Voorhees

“A worthy addition to any collection of all-time worst movies.” John Elliot, Elliot’s Guide to Films on Video, Boxtree

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