SHAITANI ILAAKA “Devil’s Domain” (1990) Reviews and overview


Shaitani Ilaaka – “Devil’s Domain” – is a 1990 Indian Hindi horror feature film directed by Kiran Ramsay (Aakhri Cheekh; producer of Darwaza) from a screenplay by J. K. Ahuja. The movie stars Deepak Parashar, Sri Pradha, Kanwaljit Singh, Neelam Mehra and Surendra Pal.


A brougham stops in a dark forest and its cowled driver, Lalbai the sorceress, beckons to the passenger, a newlywed bride. Lalbai leads the bride to the Shaitani Ilaaka (devil’s domain), where she is roused from her spell. The bride is sacrificed at the altar of Shaitan, an ancient and fearsome demon.

Years ago, he roamed free and indiscriminately terrorised the local townsfolk. But he was ultimately defeated, reduced to a formless soul, and held, by a magic charm, to remain imprisoned forever within the Shaitani Ilaaka (“Devil’s Domain”). Lalbai brings him a fresh bride every Amavasya night. Shaitan consumes the blood of this bride and grows stronger with each offering until he can break the charm, restore all his evil powers and ravage the world again…

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Cast and characters:

Deepak Parashar … Deepak
Sri Pradha … Anjali/Anju
Kanwaljit Singh … friend
Neelam Mehra … Lalbai/Shalaka
Surendra Pal … Tantrik Baba
Satish Shah … TBC
Ranjeet … Ranjeet
Asha Lata … Anju’s mother, Roma


Shaitani Ilaaka was released in India on 13 April 1990.

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