SNAKE ISLAND (2002) Reviews and overview

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Snake Island is a 2002 South African horror feature film co-produced, directed by and starring Wayne Crawford (South of Hell; The Evil Below; Barracuda) from a screenplay co-written with Arthur Payne. The Ngwe Enterprises production also stars William Katt, Kate Connor, Russel Savadier and Dawn Matthews.


A group of American tourists heading down an African river make a brief stop at Snake Island which has been virtually abandoned for years.

When they end up getting trapped on the island overnight, they find thousands of deadly snakes are intent on reclaiming the tropical island for themselves…


“This wasn’t too bad. Pretty silly. It tried intentionally to be silly, but that didn’t hurt it as much as it might have in other cases. The first half of the film was all close calls, which was kind of frustrating. You gotta start the body count quick in a film like this.” Direct to Video Connoisseur

“Most of the snakes are real, for a change, though that makes the CGI ones stand out unfavorably. There’s a topless dance scene and the snakes “dance” as well, by playing the film backwards and forwards. The characters aren’t likeable and don’t have much to do.” Down Among the “Z” Movies

“This is your typical straight-to-video nature-run-amok flick. Not much to be said for the cinematography, acting, or script. Since the villains are snakes, there’s no real gore. There’s a little nudity, which is nice, but that’s about all the film has to offer.” I Hate Movies

“I am under no illusion that this is a bad film but there’s just the right amount of charm, sleaze and the fact that it’s a bit different to every other snake film out there to make it stand out a little.” Andrew Smith, Popcorn Pictures

“Killer, sentient snakes have been a stand-by of the low-budget horror movie for years, the problem is, they’re rarely worth watching. Snake Island half falls into that rut, but it has enough energy and pointless nudity to make it just a little better.” The Video Graveyard

Choice dialogue:

Jake Malloy: “Ok people. This is a quick stop. Everybody stay on the boat. This is Africa. Things bite.”

Cast and characters:

William Katt … Malcolm Page
Wayne Crawford … Jake Malloy
Kate Connor … Heather Dorsey
Russel Savadier … Eddie Trent Jones
Dawn Matthews … Lisa
Milan Murray … Carrie
Jason Kennett … Lance (as Jason Kennet)
Japan Mthembu … Righteous
Nicola Hanekom … Ronnie
Seth Zweli Zimu … Ramalo
Rohan Coll … Estate Agent
Jonathan Taylor … Client One
Ben Kruger … Client Two
Bob Miles … Running Man (as Robert Miles)
Arno Naudé … Frikkie [also snake wrangler]
Philip Moore … Lloyd

Filming locations:

Broederstroom and Pelindaba, North West Province of South Africa

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