DELTA DELTA DIE! ( 2003) Reviews and worth watching

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‘Popular. Rich. Deadly.’

Delta Delta Die! is a 2003 American comedy horror feature film written and directed by Devin Hamilton (Birth Rite; Bleed). The Magic Hat Media-Shadow Films production stars Julie Strain, Brinke Stevens, co-producer Joe Dain and Tiffany Shepis. Charles Band was executive producer.


At Delta Delta Pi, a small college sorority, the house mother Marilyn Finch teaches her girls to practice cannibalism and they lure unsuspecting men to their lair to kill and eat them and the Dean helps cover up for them. One student suspects sinister stuff is going on and contacts Rhonda Cooper (Brinke Stevens), a former Delta, to help expose the sinister cannibal sorority…


“If this took any longer than two weeks to film, I would be shocked. Is it a good horror film? No. The very concept that this movie could be scary is laughable. Horror is not to be found at this house. However, if there’s one aspect of B-movies I always appreciate, it’s the nudity. Delta Delta Die excels in that aspect.” Doctor Gore’s Movie Reviews

“This is not a horror film in the sense that there is nothing remotely scary going on, there is no tension, there is no skill whatsoever in the direction, the script is mindless, there are no special effects to speak of and only a small amount of fake blood. This film also has the worst acting ever…” Eat Horror

“When the violence does come, in the extended climax, gore fans are bound to be disappointed by the patently phony effects. And as for the sex – it seems to mostly consist of frankly embarrassing”erotic dancing” in the sorority house basement, Strain writhing unconvincingly in an unimaginative collection of underwear…” The EOFFTV Review

“Is it going to blow your mind if I tell you that there isn’t a single redeeming quality about this film? I hope not, I wouldn’t want to shock you nice people. With the truth. The truth that this is a stupid movie with a stupid name…” Films in Boxes

Delta Delta Die is cut from a ragged cloth, but it’s one that you kind of like anyway, regardless of its flaws. Don’t watch it with Mom on Christmas, but B-movie fans, especially fans of Julie Strain, will likely enjoy the truly odd moments that present themselves throughout Delta Delta Die.” Silver Emulsion Film Reviews

“Well, despite it being watchable, having one bizarre “organ chewing” dream sequence and having some skin this just feels pretty tame considering and even the catfight at the end of the movie isn’t that exciting. It’s just that the entire thing feels like a one paragraph idea padded out to feature-length…” The Video Graveyard

Cast and characters:

Julie Strain … Marilyn Fitch
Brinke Stevens … Rhonda Cooper
Joe Dain … Tobias
Steve Malis … Dean John Wilkins
Karen A. Smith … Hannah Bull (as Karen Smyth)
Tiffany Shepis … Patrice
Rachel Myers … Clarice
Lizzy Strain … Mandy
Jennifer L. Johnson … Simone (as Jennifer Johnson)
Kathryn Adams … Young Marilyn Fitch (as Katie Adams)
Julia Marchese … Young Rhonda Cooper
Jordan White … Young John Wilkins
Nic Oram … Young Patrick
Eli Jones … Larry (as Bert Reynolls)
Thomas Rummel … Andy
Glen Meadows … Steven (as Jeremy Bowling)
Jerry G. Angelo … Daniel
Kevin Richard Sullivan … Paul
Christopher Michaels … Nick
Natalie Sutherland … Tootie
Holly Riley … Trixie
Donnell Owens … Terence
Jake Silver … Anthony
Dallas Richard Hallam … Scott
Laura Nativo … Infomercial Woman

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