LADYWORLD (2018) Reviews and overview

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Ladyworld is a 2018 American psychological thriller directed by Amanda Kramer from a screenplay co-written with Benjamin Shearn. The movie stars Ariela Barer, Annalise Basso, Ryan Simpkins and Odessa Adlon.


Eight teenage girls become trapped in an endless birthday party after a massive (imaginary?) earthquake. The girls’ sanity and psyches dissolve as they run out of food and water. Eventually, they regress to their baser instincts, exploiting each other’s fears and insecurities…


“Although scripted it feels very devised and conceptual in nature, and it takes a while to build to its tour-de-force ending. But it’s bold, free (but also very constricting) and genuinely experimental, even if that approach is at the expense of narrative or detailed storytelling.” Dark Eyes of London

” …it was overwhelmed by its stylistic touches, and doesn’t give the viewer enough substance to hold on to. It is a film that would probably be a film student’s wet dream, and in the process neglects the regular viewer, which is a shame given the themes it is trying to explore.” Movie Babble

” …takes the ‘mean girls’ concept to dark Darwinian level as some the girls start to prey on the weaker ones. Ladyworld is an unforgettable thriller that will assault your senses and find yourself waiting desperately to exhale.” Goomba Stomp

“We see these girls’ psyches depleting, but we don’t get a real sense of who these characters are beforehand to garner an emotional reaction to their plight. There are no backstories, and we don’t learn how the characters even know each other in the first place.” The Reel Roundup review

Cast and characters:

  • Ariela Barer … Olivia
  • Annalise Basso … Piper
  • Ryan Simpkins … Dolly
  • Odessa Adlon … Blake
  • Maya Hawke … Romy
  • Tatsumi Romano … Amanda
  • Zora Casebere … Mallory
  • Atheena Frizzell … Eden
  • Noel David Taylor … The Man

Technical aspects:

93 minutes

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