Tokyo Living Dead Idol – Japan, 2018

Tokyo Living Dead Idol – original title: Tôkyô ribingu deddo aidoru – is a 2018 Japanese comedy horror feature film written and directed by Yûki Kumagai (writer of Rokuroku: The Promise of the Witch). The movie stars Yumeri Abe, Nana Asakawa, Asami and Yû Fukuda.


A popular Japanese female idol is bitten by a zombie. She has only seventy-two hours to find a zombie serum before she becomes one of the living dead, but a high school zombie hunter and countless zombies attack!


“This pure mind-boggling hilarity of a movie has crappy SFX (which seems intentional), unbelievable zombies, and over-the-top characters, although it’s actually peppered with a number of decent fight scenes. Tokyo Living Dead Idol is a uniquely Japanese genre, and it certainly entertains – only if you normally enjoy a lot of manga or manga-adapted action flicks.” Campus magazine

“If this movie were made anywhere but Japan… It would be unwatchable.” 26 Reels of Terror

Technical details:

83 minutes

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