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‘He’ll love you to death’

ClownDoll aka Clown Doll is a 2019 British supernatural horror film written, co-produced and directed by Scott Jeffrey (Don’t Speak; The Final Scream; The Bad Nun; writer of The House on Elm LakeUnhingedFox Trap; et al).

The movie stars Peter Cosgrove (The Curse of Halloween Jack; Winterskin; Cannibal Farm; Evil Souls; et al), Sarah T. Cohen (Amityville Witches; The Bad Nun: Deadly Vows; Cupid; et al), Jon-Scott Clark (The Candy Witch), Mark Sears (The Mermaid’s Curse) and Kate Milner Evans (End Game; Scarecrow’s Revenge; Pet Graveyard; et al).


After Lane (Sarah T. Cohen) purchases a clown doll, her life takes a turn for the worst when close friends and family begin vanishing…


“There are some really interesting touches to Jeffrey’s film that lifts it above the usual ‘killer clown’ hokum. The psychological impact on Lane – convincingly played by Cohen – is quite plausible, and there’s an almost Hitchcockian element to the persecution she suffers […] Some of the murder set pieces are also surprisingly effective and there’s a great build-up of tension towards the end…” Dark Eyes of London

“So we have blood, a high body count, and a creepy clown, what else could you want? The dialogue is mostly serious, so there isn’t much in terms of wild or outlandish lines here. I also think the cast is better than you might think, so the performances don’t veer into camp or over the top moments, which keeps the dialogue reeled in as well.” Marc Fusion

“The actors can’t be to blame too much, the performances range from poor to okay but the script is hard to turn a good performance from. The one highlight comes in the form of some decent practical effects in the death scenes. One in particular as we see a pencil driven through somebodies hand. But the other death scenes are only mildly entertaining.” Nerdly



Clown Doll was released by ITN Distribution on 5th October 2019. In the UK, Take 5 Digital released the film on DVD on  23rd March 2020 as Joker Clown.


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Cast and characters:

Peter Cosgrove … Scott
Sarah T. Cohen … Lane
Jon-Scott Clark … John
Mark Sears … Karl
Kate Milner Evans … Dee
Kelly Juvilee … Lisa
Carmina Cordelia … Jamie
Cassandra French … Judy
Kate Lush … Suzanne
Yvonne Wan … Polly
Mike Kelson … Policeman
Hattie Willow … Main Policewoman
Hannah Rogers … ClownDoll
Tommy Vilés … Voice of Daniel


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