Clown Doll aka Joker Clown – UK, 2019 – preview

Clown Doll is a 2019 British supernatural horror feature film written, co-produced and directed by Scott Jeffrey (The Final Scream; The Bad Nun; writer of The House on Elm LakeUnhingedFox Trap; et al). The movie stars Peter Cosgrove, Sarah T. Cohen, Jon-Scott Clark, Mark Sears and Kate Milner Evans.


After Lane (Sarah T. Cohen) purchases a clown doll, her life takes a turn for the worst when close friends and family begin vanishing…



Clown Doll will be released by ITN Distribution on 5 October 2019. In the UK, Take 5 Digital will release the film on DVD as Joker Clown.


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Main cast and characters:

  • Peter Cosgrove … Scott
  • Sarah T. Cohen … Lane
  • Jon-Scott Clark … John
  • Mark Sears … Karl
  • Kate Milner Evans … Dee
  • Kelly Juvilee … Lisa
  • Carmina Cordelia … Jamie
  • Cassandra French … Judy
  • Kate Lush … Suzanne
  • Yvonne Wan … Polly
  • Mike Kelson … Policeman
  • Hattie Willow … Main Policewoman
  • Hannah Rogers … ClownDoll
  • Tommy Vilés … Voice of Daniel


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