SOUL REAPER (2019) Review and overview


‘You can’t kill what is already dead’

Soul Reaper is a 2019 British supernatural horror film directed by Bob Pipe (Deathcember segment: ‘The Hunchback of Burg Hayn’; short: The  Monster) from a screenplay co-written with Richard Sandling.

The movie stars James Groom, Kezia Burrows, Ezra Godden and Lizzie Roper.


Charlie’s getting married. And when he invites his friends to join him for a stag weekend in a remote British cabin, the group thinks it’s a great opportunity to leave the United States behind and have a blowout with their old buddy… but Charlie isn’t telling his friends the whole truth about the trip.

Instead of celebrating, events soon take a sinister turn when the friends start to disappear one by one. Soon the friends start to learn the true reason why Charlie has invited them to a creepy cabin in the woods, in the middle of nowhere, and the fight for survival is on…

“Aside from its flawed script, Soul Reaper suffers from a myriad of other issues that, given a more impactful and unique tale, might be more easily overlooked. There are some problems with the audio volume fluctuating throughout, though it is the few visual and audio effects that dip into borderline cheesy territory.” Cryptic Rock

Soul Reaper is a British low budget horror movie that has to deal with some of the usual tropes and limitations of indie horror. Yet, this is one of those pleasant surprises that’s able to capture the audience’s interest beyond all limitations. Filmmaker Bob Pipe gets the best out of story, cast and crew, all peppered with some WTF-ideas…” Dominik Starck

” …the character’s aren’t the most likeable, the acting isn’t the best, and there’s generic horror cliches springing up every which way. Not to mention the film is very cheap with its special effects […] But I really enjoyed this one on the whole. There’s some suspense that actually builds up nicely and a couple of surprising turns pop up.” Dope @ss Ghost


Soul Reaper was released on DVD in the UK by 4DigitalMedia on August 19, 2019.

From September 2021, the film is available to stream in some territories on Netflix.

Cast and characters:

James Groom … Steve
Kezia Burrows … Tina – Alien: Isolation video game (Amanda Ripley); Panic Button
Ezra Godden … Ian – Dagon
Lizzie Roper … Lillian – Being Human TV series
Thomas Nelstrop … Alex
Chris Rogers … Will
Richard Sandling … Griff
Alexander Tol … Mike
Stephen Evans … Frank
Michael Geary … Delbert
Katrin Larissa Kasper … Mona
Marny Godden … Maria
Harrison J. Cole … Zombie Sailor
Asher Green … Charlie
Samantha Thornton-Rice … Poppy

Technical details:

84 minutes