THE EMPLOYER (2013) Reviews and overview


‘How far will they go to get the job?’

The Employer is a 2013 American macabre thriller feature film written and directed by Frank Merle. The movie stars Malcolm McDowell, David Dastmalchian, Paige Howard, Billy Zane and Michael DeLorenzo.

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The Employer just does not offer enough surprises to recommend. And, film fans might be better served watching Inhuman Resources, which offers a new take on this style of moviemaking, rather than this outing. Simply, The Employer is too light on substance and heavy on predictable storylines.” 28 Days Later Analysis

“While it may sound like a rehash of movies of a similar nature (Cube, Unknown (2006), the Saw series, etc), The Employer really isn’t as similar as it seems. The common denominator linking the group is what they all thought was a highly sought after job. That’s it […] Their survival is dependent primarily on their ability to kill. That’s why The Employer shouldn’t be put on the same shelf as similar titles. It does a fine job standing out on its own.” Horror News Network

“As the puppet master of this whole scheme, it’s extremely fun to see The Employer get inside of the heads of these characters and find out exactly what makes them tick.  It’s always fun to see McDowell play a bad guy, but in “The Employer” he’s even more dementedly charming than usual.  Every time McDowell is on the screen he steals the show…” LA Horror

Cast and characters:

Malcolm McDowell … The Employer
David Dastmalchian … James Harris
Paige Howard … Sandra Turner
Michael DeLorenzo … Keith Caverns
Matthew Willig … Mike Drake
Katerina Kopel … Billie Lewis (as Katerina Mikailenko)
Billy Zane … Alan
Nicki Aycox … Maggie Jordan
Daniel Aldema … Ted Simpson
Mark Alexander Herz … Dom
Bryan Hanna … Max
Nicholas Vukasovich … Ray
Jennifer Grace Farmer … Ms Anderson
James Cooney … Pete Miller
Eli Goodman … Greg