Lake Artifact – USA, 2019

‘The most terrifying place you’ve never heard of.’

Lake Artifact is a 2019 American science fiction comedy horror feature film written and directed by Bruce Wemple (Altered Hours). The 377 Films production stars Catharine Daddario, Thomas Brazzle, Anna Shields and Dylan Grunn.


Five friends go on a weekend getaway to a cabin in upstate New York, where time and space begins to function without reason, only to slowly turn them against each other, one by one…

Cast and characters:

  • Catharine Daddario … Grace
  • Thomas Brazzle … Tommy
  • Anna Shields … Megan
  • Dylan Grunn … Thomas
  • Chris Cimperman … Kip
  • Rick Montgomery Jr. … Doctor Albert Clarkson
  • Sheila Ball … Debra Keller
  • Delil Baran … Karl
  • Ben Hauck … Brian Leverman
  • Adrian Burke … Casey
  • Grant Schumacher … Vernon Korsch
  • John Noble … Old Man

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