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‘In-laws can be murder’

Ready or Not is a 2019 American horror film directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett (Scream 2022; Southbound; V/H/S) from a screenplay by Guy Busick (Stan Against Evil series) and Ryan Murphy (Minutes Past Midnight ‘The Mill At Calder’s End’).

The Mythology Entertainment – Vinson Films production stars Samara Weaving, Andie MacDowell, Mark O’Brien and Adam Brody.

Bride Grace’s wedding night takes a sinister turn when her eccentric new in-laws force her to take part in a terrifying family ritual: a deadly game of hide and seek…

“The movie propels itself from one set-piece to another, with much comic mileage gotten out of the expendable “help” while Weaving’s white wedding dress gets more and more stained with gore as the film goes on. The only audience that might be turned off of Ready or Not will be horror fans that prefer a meat and potatoes approach.” Arrow in the Head

“In Ready or Not, Radio Silence have achieved the near-impossible: a horror-comedy-thriller that succeeds in every one of its constituent genres, and yet feels entirely whole. While it’s a very funny movie, the stakes always feel real and pressing, and the sense of danger is never diminished by the character comedy.” Birth. Movies. Death.

“It’s a vibrant, funny, insightful horror film that speaks to our collective frustration with class divide without dehumanizing anybody on either side. It speaks to the evils of avarice and the moral fuzziness that often results from inheriting, instead of earning, wealth. And perhaps most importantly it’s just a corker of a horror-comedy…” Bloody Disgusting

“Between its stunning location that adds a sense of high-class gravitas to the project […], an array of memorable characters who all get their moment to shine, and it’s wildly unpredictable story that will keep you guessing until the very end, Ready or Not is an exhilarating and tension-fueled horror comedy…” Daily Dead

” …a resolutely anti-Trumpean movie about the haves and the have nots, As well as the whip smart script and well-paced action, the interiors of the groom’s family’s house in which new bride Grace (Samara Weaving) finds herself fighting for her life are truly sumptuous, great fun with a very nasty edge.” Dark Eyes of London

“There might be a few stumbles in the brush here and there in the build-up, but the prize this movie walks away with, right up to its final killer line, is sure to be proudly displayed by a certain type of horror aficionado on their wall for some time to come. Happy hunting, indeed.” Den of Geek!

“A good chunk of these villains are interchangeable, but for the most part, they all have a distinct personality that can be latched on to as far as desiring them to get their comeuppance. And again, the ending is flat out bonkers. Ready or Not is gloriously, deliciously f*cked up.” Flickering Myth

“I could nitpick here (the motivations are more detailed than required) and there (the film peaks in the first half), but Ready Or Not delivers on its core premise in as entertaining a fashion as you could want. It’s trash, to be sure, but it’s high-quality trash.” Forbes

“Weaving is sharp enough to play things straight as the ensemble around her goes for the occasional laugh. Ready or Not may have its tongue in cheek as it warns us that people with money will always, consciously or not, see those without it as less than human. But Grace is taking the lesson to heart.” The Hollywood Reporter

“Weaving certainly gets her cathartic moments, but let’s just say I wouldn’t expect to see her picking off everyone one by one. All in all, Ready or Not is a game you’ll want to play over and over again. Don’t deny shoving this delicious wedding cake of a horror film into your face.” Killer Horror Critic

” …Guy Busick and Ryan Murphy’s script makes the whole thing feel like an adaptation of an especially good issue of DC’s old House of Mystery comics. Rebounding from their disappointing first feature Devil’s Due, Bettinelli-Olpin and Gillett get amazing mileage out of the sheer absurdity of Grace’s predicament, grounding everything that happens in her disbelief and sense of betrayal…” Now Toronto

“It’s a self-aware roller-coaster of horrific twists and turns, that will emotionally covert the most sensitive of audience members to the dark side. Gory, intensely demanding, and pleasantly hilarious, Ready or Not will make you reconsider your point of view on childish board games, extended families, and prosperous white-dominated American enterprises.” On the Clock

“Because the script gives personality and motivation to every member of the eccentric Le Domas ensemble, every scene is alive with stakes that sing. In short, there’s much more to Ready Or Not than operatic horror fun. Though it’d be criminal to sell that short. Bettinelli-Olpin and Gillett show an expert understanding of audience anticipation and desire.”  Pajiba

“The violence here is so over-the-top that it can lapse into comedy, prompting shocked laughter when certain characters are unexpectedly killed, and again when it comes time to dispose of their bodies, none of which can adequately prepare you for the film’s explosively funny finale. For all its irreverence, Ready or Not deserves to be taken seriously as satire…” Variety

” …this is definitely worth a watch. It’s just fun. Weaving is going to be a star, and you should see the beginning of that. It just feels like a few more moments of taking off the campy governor might have pushed it into classic Clue territory.” Vital Thrills

“Some of its turns are better than others, but since this is the kind of twisty, hard-R comedy of gamesmanship and survival that Hollywood never seems to make anymore, fans of the genre are better off celebrating the film’s triumphs than picking over its occasional disappointing rolls of the dice.” The Wrap

MOVIES and MANIA rating:

Ready or Not was rated ‘R’ by the MPAA for “violence, bloody images, language throughout, and some drug use”.

Originally announced for an August 23rd release date, the movie was brought forward two days to August 21st. It is released on Blu-ray and DVD on December 3, 2019.

Cast and characters:
Samara Weaving … Grace
Andie MacDowell … Becky Le Domas
Mark O’Brien … Alex Le Domas
Adam Brody … Daniel Le Domas
Henry Czerny … Tony Le Domas
Nicky Guadagni … Helene Le Domas
Melanie Scrofano … Emilie Le Domas
Kristian Bruun … Fitch Bradley
Elyse Levesque … Charity Le Domas
John Ralston … Stevens
Daniela Barbosa … Dora
Elana Dunkelman … Young Helene
Hanneke Talbot … Clara
Celine Tsai … Tina
Andrew Anthony … Charles

Working title:
Family Ritual

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