MONSTROUS (2020) Reviews and overview

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‘Something is out there’

Monstrous is a 2020 American horror film about a young woman that goes searching for answers after her friend goes missing in upstate New York.

Directed by Bruce Wemple (Dawn of the Beast; The Retreat; Lake Artifact; Altered Hours) from a screenplay written by Anna Shields (The Executioners; Lake Artifact; Creeping Crawling), who also stars, the movie also features Rachel Finninger, Grant Schumacher, Hannah McKechnie, Catharine Daddario, Dylan Grunn and Peter Stray.


Sylvia (Anna Shields), a lonely twenty-something, goes searching for answers after her friend mysteriously vanishes in Whitehall, upstate New York, an Adirondack town known for its Bigfoot sightings. She sets off with a mysterious, charming young woman, Alex (Rachel Finninger), hellbent on getting to Whitehall for different reasons.

Unfortunately, Sylvia soon learns that there is something hiding in the woods is that is more evil and sinister than she could ever imagine…

[May contain spoilers] Reviews:

“It’s appreciated that while the film is spiced with social media plot points in its first act, the proceedings didn’t degrade into just another found footage-POV potboiler about a search for Bigfoot.” B&S About Movies

” …a refreshing new take on the sub-genre with something more on its mind than mere monster movie mayhem. With plenty of those Bigfoot movies already at our disposal, maybe it was time for someone to aim a little bit higher. And though their aim may be off from time to time, it’s because they aim at all that Monstrous is an enjoyable and worthwhile indie watch.” Bloody Disgusting

“It’s far too plodding, even more detrimentally predictable, and yet attempts a third-act twist that’s supposed to sock us like a heavyweight epiphany. Alas, the only thing I kept asking myself was, “Isn’t this supposed to be a Bigfoot movie?” Maybe more footprints and appearances could have elevated this otherwise energyless rumination on our world’s real monsters…” Flickering Myth

“Anyone approaching Monstrous gagging for the usual ‘idiots-facing-off-against-a-monster-in-the-woods’ scenario is going to feel short-changed. Paradoxically they should feel short-changed by the sort of crap that they would have preferred this to have been – I know that I would have done. Monstrous is smart filmmaking for a different beast of genre fan, ones that veer towards the more cerebral than meaningless, forgettable basic thrills.” My Bloody Reviews

“Its inevitable twist is signposted from a mile off, but no less engaging for it. This slow, atmospheric roadtrip may lack the Bigfoot chills and spills fans had been hoping for, but it’s more than capable of standing on its own two regular-sized feet.” Starburst

Monstrous is a well written, horror/thriller that gets your attention right from the start. It then settles in and introduces us to the main characters and it gets us up to speed as far as the story goes. From there the film is a mix of genres that creates all kinds of emotions as well as a lot of suspense, mystery and tension as it makes its way to a thrilling end.” Video Views

“The suit is well designed and stands up well when you finally get a good look at it. There’s not a lot of gore in Monstrous but what we see is well done and looks mostly practical […] This isn’t your usual monster movie and the creature isn’t the usual dumb, violent, killing machine. I was also impressed with Shield’s script which is an intelligently done piece centred around two LGBTQ women.” Voices from the Balcony

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Cast and characters:

Anna Shields … Sylvia
Rachel Finninger … Alex
Grant Schumacher … Jamie
Hannah McKechnie … Molly
Catharine Daddario … Haley
Dylan Grunn … Squatch
Peter Stray … TBC
Rick Montgomery Jr. … Bigfoot Youtuber
Thomas Brazzle … Bigfoot Youtuber


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