‘The nightmare has just begun…’

Tales from the Dead Zone is a forthcoming American anthology horror feature film written, produced, edited and directed by Barry J. Gillis (House of Many SorrowsThe Killing Games; Wicked World). The Exosphere Motion Pictures production stars WWE wrestler Bret “The Hitman” Hart (in his feature film debut), Corey Feldman, Kim Sønderholm, Dakota House, Len J. Phillips and Terrence Van Camp.


While conducting autopsies on victims of a horrible car crash a medical examiner imagines how they may have lived their lives…


“All four of the stories in the feature film have been shot. We are gearing up now, to shoot the wrap around story, in the fall”, says director Barry J. Gillis.

There have apparently been some sceptics, who cannot imagine Bret Hart and Corey Feldman in the same movie. “We get messages from people, who think it’s a disaster. It just boggles the mind. To me it’s been a great idea since day one. Both are true professionals, and great actors. I’m happy with their performances.” states Gillis.

Cast and characters:

  • Corey Feldman … Corey – 13 Fanboy; The Zombie King; Bordello of Blood; Friday the 13th: A New Beginning; The Lost Boys; Gremlins
  • Bret Hart … Private Investigator Tom Jenkings
  • Gabriel Jarret … Gabriel
  • Len J. Phillips … Karl (segment “Legend of the Peoples Demon”)
  • Kim Sønderholm … Mr. Brian (segment “Legend of the Peoples Demon”)
  • Tom Malloy … Tom
  • Dakota House … Vernon Steamboat (segment “Legend of the Peoples Demon”)
  • Amber Shaun … Julianne
  • Brent Zulyniak … George Turcott
  • Sherry Rand … Mary (segment “Legend of the Peoples Demon”)
  • Terrence Van Camp … The Demon (segment “Legend of the Peoples Demon”)
  • Alice Creed … Darla
  • Dori Book … Psychic Marla
  • Maria J. Parker … Celia (segment “Legend of the Peoples Demon”)
  • Fehr Brandise … Linda
  • Ramez Fawzy … Mr. Tallyman
  • Charlene Michalko … Auntie Jean (segment “Legend of the Peoples Demon”)
  • Madison Nyenhuis … Lila (segment “Legend of the Peoples Demon”)
  • Ethan Fehr … Julian
  • Ken F. Campbell … Uncle Charlie (segment “Legend of the Peoples Demon”)
  • Holly Reiter … Tara (segment “Legend of the Peoples Demon”)
  • Herb Stanley … Medicine Man (segment “Legend of the Peoples Demon”)
  • Helen Arvanitis … Hitchhiker (segment “Legend of the Peoples Demon”)